The war against Isis: the elite Tiger Forces in Syria

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The war against Isis: the elite Tiger Forces in Syria 4.5

They are said to be one of the most effective groups fighting for President Assad. The Tiger Forces are an elite unite of the Syrian army waging war against Islamic State militants. Little is know about them and they have a fearsome reputation. But Channel 4 News has gained rare access, and spent the day with them on their frontline, battling IS.

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The Real HEROES in the war on terror. Protecting not just Syria, but the world from ISIS (the same world that spreads lies and villifies them). Thank you Tiger Forces and SAA.

Author — Tee


God bless Russia they are the only country fighting against terrorism respecting Syrian sovereignty while USA and its allies are creating terrorist organizations all over the world to destroy sovereign countries like Libya Iraq and now they are doing same thing with Syria the Islamic state is part of the USA and its allies because their obsession to impose their false democracy in sovereign countries murdered thousands of civilians destroying sovereign countries using the false excuses to excuse their aggression against sovereign countries

Author — Jose Lopes


Good report, but what happened? For years we were told be C4 and others that the Syrian army were worse than Nazis, rejoicing in slaughtering civilians and "rebels". Little sympathy was given when the American airforce bombed Syrian Army soldiers fighting Isis. Thank god for the improvement in the coverage of these brave Syrians fighting imported terror.

Author — HO waterbrd


Syrian Army thank you for courage and destroyed terrorists mafia

Author — Valhalla


The Tigers kick ass! Best fighting force on the ground in Syria!

Author — sjs42


Thanks for showing the other side. The Legitimate Army and Government of Syria. Every Takfiri must be burned, do not bury and Infest Mother Earth with their rotten corpses. All ashes in a rocket that is launched towards the Sun.

Author — Roland P


Good show the ppl that there are no rebels in syria just terrorists and assad will clean em up

Author — Draga


Fighting foreign invaders attacking your country is not "terrorism", it is patriotism. #HandsOffSyria

Author — digital graffiti


Syrian Soldiers are real heroes...!!!
Defending their country against torrorists...god bless them...

Author — my mine


Awesome Soldiers! Fighting for they country with courage :)

Author — Hugo Saial


Suheil, Al Hassan, the leader of these men, is known for writing poetry and reading it out over loudspeakers before engaging the enemy.

Author — Mrdede Smith


God bless Syrian Army especially tigers and Assad

Author — Invictus


Bravo C4! Thanks for not lying about White helmet and not interviewing that Syrian fundamentalist wahabbi woman to lie blatantly about their so called war for democracy.

Author — S S


Assad was educated at Imperial College London

Author — James Grey


Thank you, Syrian Arab Army, for saving us all!

Author — Hoiyat Tsoi


If Channel 4 is trying to be unbiased and report the war factually then Channel 4 are a beacon of hope for western media. Really well done clip. Proud of you Channel 4 for showing the war as it is and not some unbiased slander towards Syrians defending their country
I have followed this ghastly civil war from the very onset and i will look forward to more videos from Channel 4 from now on if they keep this up

Author — Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus


Channel 4 news covering their bets by easing off on the terror supporting reports and preparing to be able to claim journalistic integrity by giving us a report on the legitimate force in Syria fighting the western backed terrorist hordes.

They should have done this back at the start of the war instead of spewing propaganda for al-qaeda and other western backed islamist terror groups, but their change of pace is an indication that they may concede defeat in their imperialistic aggression and will try to save face.

Author — ensteffo


trump was attacking these people who are against isis?

Author — Boiled Frog


Keep up the good work Colonel and men of the tiger forces and wish you all no harm .

Author — Dave Goonawardana


God Bless Russia and the Brave Syrian Army in liberating most of Syria from ISIS and the Sunni Muslims fanatics rebels, FSA=ISSI, etc. etc.

Author — ben souri