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watch me struggle my way through making a watchable video

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Such a pretty dress!
Also I'd love to see a video on your weight loss journey!

Author — Audra


Came here from the Journey To Zero Waste group on FB! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!

Also, who is the YouTuber you mentioned in the beginning of the video? Coolurpa??


Author — Zip


I am entertained. Thank you- you're the best!

Author — mollymoon510


Hi Jade.. Great video as always..Awesome job on refashioning the dress, especially the pattern matching (which does take forever)....Can’t wait to see more videos from you...

Author — Deana Loves Sew’n


Wow this was a really long video but as someone who sews, it was interesting :-)

Author — Sarah Richardson


Yay! A new Jade video! I've missed you! (she says a week late because life hates her and always gets in the way of fun things) Congrats on the Engagement (and the pattern matching! Damn girl!) Sorry you're not having a great time right now :(

Author — RubyLovesRocket


Adorable! and i say the more authentic you are, the better things go so bravo to you!

Author — Chrissy Hop