The chart that predicts recessions

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The chart that predicts recessions 5

A chart called the "yield curve" has predicted every US recession over the last 50 years. Now it might be predicting another one.

Economic experts are starting to warn that a US recession is becoming more likely because of something called the "yield curve." So what's the yield curve? What does it show? And why is it bad if it "inverts?" We visualized the yield curve over the past four decades, to show why it's so good at predicting recessions, and what it actually means when the curve changes.

Read more about the yield curve:

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so this yield curve DOES predict the collapse lol

Author — Digno Christopher


Thanks to the recession I'm back on my feet again.

The bank took my car.

Author — Cry0lite


I'd just like to say that whoever did the sound design for your animation deserves a raise. It's so subtle but so good.

Author — markog1999


In short: a recession happens because investors are afraid of a recession happening...

Author — md


Trump plans on nuking the yield curve to uninvert it

Author — Where's The Wall?


This video predicted the future. Although, perhaps not in the way we would have expected....

Author — carykh


Watched this video in September 19, showed it to my mates and everyone ignore it. 6 months down the line, coronavirus is declared a global pandemic and we have another recession. I’m just saying....!!!

Author — Madridista CR7


Who’s here after the crash of February 24th 2020?

Author — Just someone Else


Don’t Trust Anything

*_except the yield curve_*

Author — American Mapping!


This predicted it and we didn't listen. -3/10/2020

Author — Sure, why not


The problem is that recessions tend to self-realize.

Some people believing a recession is coming will make more and more people believe as well, leading to a recession.

Author — Michele 8991


But... Why do recessions always happen around the turn of a decade?

Author — Dundee


Last time I was this early Lehman Brothers was still operating

Author — frbo9002


Oh great now the greedy banks can get billions in bailout so they can do it all over again in a few years time

Author — Names don't matter


Do you know when americans know when they are out of a recession?

When they enter a new one.

Author — Alexandru B


This dude really said we are having a recession soon and dipped

Author — carl jesurun


Anyone else here in 2020 after economy took a hit, and now unemployment is skyrocketing?
We should've remembered this video sooner.

Author — Bruh sound effect #2


Such clear cut video depicting inverted yield curve and recession! Keep up the great work Vox~

Author — TOEIC Coach


Now Republicans are going to start saying "Recessions can be good."

Author — Nikk Faith


I hope some of you have cash on the side recessions are when millionaires become billionaires

Author — Jay Sanders