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I'm bored and thought I'd watch the review to the N91 I own. I will say after 4 years, I love this helmet. To be fair this is the FIRST helmet I've owned. I rarely use the modular function. BUT very nice to have and it is why I purchased this helmet. The sunshade feature is nice but has a very limited range of motion, up and down. I feel like the sunshade feature would be used as an emergency if you do not have your sunglasses.

Author — CNA Hater


I have this helmet and bought it in a shop after trying it and thinking it would be okay but after riding around about 200 miles I honestly dont like it
It may just be my head shape but for my eyes to be at the top of the eye socket and be able to have a good vision I have to tilt the helmet forward quite dramatically, so much so the back of my head is exposed. If I dont do that the chin bar obstructs all view of my bike and the road just in front of the bike- you can kind of see when the model drops the sunshade 3:14 it only just goes past his eyes and he would have to tilt the helmet forward for it not to obstruct vision
6:51 again you can see the model's eyes are just above the chinbar and for him to see anything other than the horizon he would have to duck his head forward or pull the helmet down
As well as this problem it is quite loud, at just 30mph wind noise is very apparent and with the faceshield open I get whistling

Author — Giles


I have a n91 m size which is very small for me and i get headache wearing it…Can I change the liner for an L size?will it helps?Do you sell it?

Author — Lavinia Bonova


This reminds me a lot of my N104 from 2012.

Author — ArcSine


Hello, I'm from Brazil and I'm in doubt between two Nolan N91 helmets and ls2 meter, which of these is best

Author — Alexandre Camoleze


I like the N90 better. The vents on this helmet are hard to operate and it seems over engineered. The design isn't as nice as the N90 either. They kind of went overboard with this lid. 

Author — Push Back


Hello Hi I am from Argentina I'm between this helmet Nolan N91 - caberg modus - Caberg - Duke Bell Legend and Revolver Evo for you which is the best rebuttable from and many others thanks and I hope the answer.-

Author — José Grimaldi


A hair more for Shoei Multitec? Are you kidding? Even in your store Nolan N91 is $219, and the only Shoei Multitec is $495. Same thing here in Europe - 250 euros vs 400 euros. Please get your facts straight, and then do reviews. Otherwise you're just confusing people.

Author — MGL