10 Insane Facts About Dana White's Life

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10 Insane Facts About Dana White's Life 5

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I used to always confuse him with Joe Rogan 😂 I was like why does Joe Rogan seem to grow and shrink

Author — Danny Isambard


"Hey Dana, go to Germany. They got this shit there that fixed my knee in, like, a week."
Top medical advice for an ear issue.

Author — CrystaTiBoha


Top 10 finger paintings sold by Rampage Jackson

Author — Ardeshir Javid


I swear some director needs to make a movie about Dana's life, that shit is like its straight outta one

Author — Shan Price


Top 10 Holes Kevin Lee Sees

P.S. that KO was terrifying

Author — Richard Monroy


Still waiting on “Top Ten Most Insane Moments About Al Iaquinta’s Life as a Realtor”

Author — InsideAssassin2


The guys a hustler, he didn't sit just sit on his couch dreaming of how he was gonna make it big, he went out and put in the work.

Author — Edge Snob


Imported snow.... dont ever forget that.

Author — Dana White


forgot about his secret identity as the lead singer of disturbed

Author — Jacob Davis


Nate: You ever been in a fight Dana?
Dana: Hold Floyd's bags Nate....

Author — Pokeros Gambleros


He’s a genius. Took a thought, turned it into a dream/vision, worked against all odds to turn the UFC into an international success. Haters can hate... while he counts stacks of cash in his mansion.

Author — Jack Shite


Joe Rogan: “And I think a grizzly can outrun a chimp.”

Me: WTF! 😂

Author — Mohammad Hussain


The thumbnail was after conor 1st loss to nate

Author — En P


Dana is so unproffesional most of the times cursing fighters out having beef etc and acting like a child but thats why we love him. He needs to pay them more tho

Author — KHABIB TIME!!!


0:33, I know that’s a serious moment but every time I see that pic of Dana White about to be put under for surgery can’t help but remember all the memes I’ve seen of him🤣😭

Author — Erick Olivares


HE's a good president I don't think we give him enough appreciation for the entertainment and work he provides for us as fans. @Dana White thanks bro

Author — Rayburn Sonier-McDonald


top 10 houses sold by al iaquinta for christmas, do it or im not watchin u no mo

Author — Buffalo Crayons


The dog was sentenced to five 5-minute rounds with Michael Vick

Author — Joey K_Ø Kas


Top 10 fights with the most strikes thrown do it🤟🤟🤟

Author — Ibra him


I’m surprised the rage fuelled stroke isn’t on here

Author — CAPCOM49er