DiResta Canoe Build

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DiResta Canoe Build 5

This is my first canoe build ever, I learned lots on this build. I genuinely "went to school" on this one! I am looking forward to my second build on the same mold and rectifying any mistakes I may have made on this one.

I started May 2018 and finished in Nov 2018 . by the time i finished it was too cold out to test drive it. i'll have to wait till spring!

Voice over of this will be at my patreon
next week

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Anybody else spend 35 minutes watching a guy make a canoe?

Literally no regrets

Author — John's Tiny Woodshop


Veramente un gran bel lavoro.

Author — Salvatore Vi


Man, I just want to live the rest of my life building and spending time in boats, kayaks & canoes like this one. Watching this video was very therapeutic for me. Thank you!

Author — Cormac MacArtney


Is that...Hand Tool Rescue Guy at 11:58?!! Hilarious.

Author — Michael Davis


I watched and its beautiful. Gorgeous. You cold hang it on the wall its such a beauty.

Author — inspiredmessenger


is that a wild 'hand tool rescue' i noticed in the background? a rare find.

Author — Daniel Matthias


Ha! Love the cameo of Hand Tool Rescue.... 11:56

Author — BrokeMoFo


Really enjoyed this build, I am inspired to build my own when I become a homeowner with land/space

Author — igotsomespace


Jimmy visiting every tool shop in his state:
Jimmy: hello I want to buy some clamps
seller: how many do you need?
Jimmy: yes.

Author — CubiCNooBiC


did anyone else catch Hand tool rescue guy? i really like him

Author — ghomeyshi7


Iv been meaning to watch this for month's, Diresta you're a animal of a craftsman. stunning results

Author — Ben Houghton


Best time spent today watching this wonderful process building this beautiful piece of art. You did a really great job, congratulations. I learned a lot even in the fast forward parts. One of my favorites and I'm glad I found your site.

Author — Ronald Blair


Amazing display of persistence, skill, and passion to build a work of art..awesome

Author — Robert Pennington


I’ve seen this guy on “ask this old house”.He has some great skills!

Author — ATC Joe


wow to the millimeter. Was looking for pro definition, you just gave it with your stunning work.

The end result is simply amazing. When perfect engineering, art, savoir-faire and fines meet... it gives a perfect canoe.

Thanks for sharing. will share with my friends this video.

Author — Mohammedi Mohammed


Truly amazing!

Also I swear my local hardware store doesn't have enough clamps for sale as this guy owns ;-)

Author — Pierre


This was absolutely beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. You have mad skillz, dude! Would love to be able to make one of these someday.

Author — TronandFlynn82


Have you ever spent a half hour of your time watching something, then wished you had that time back?? Well, that was not one of those times.
Awesome build...great craftsman. I'm trying not to be envious :)

Author — monstrdog


Восхищаюсь терпением и трудолюбием!👍
Человек- творец!

Author — Alla Gl


This guy always makes sure his name on everything.

Author — zippy