Puff adder bite

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I was bitten by a puff adder (venomous snake in Africa). WARNING: Graphic Content.

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wow...not only did he put himself in danger but also the kid and the cat too.

Author — Krissy Ciammitti


The good thing about this video-based on the written commentary, the guy clearly now thinks of this as a mistake and posted it as an example of why you shouldn't fool around with snakes.

Author — Rebecca Hicks


this isn't your average stupidity...this is advanced stupidity

Author — Scary Exotics


Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

Author — Blake Grice


Moral of the story : don't be an idiot and handle dangerous snakes

Author — CharlieX


You said "It's a beautiful creature but you have to treat it with respect." Exactly how did you respect that animal? Glad you lived to tell about it, but no sympathy in the slightest.

Author — TheTemest


Jax, thanks for sharing this video. We all make mistakes, but we should all commend you for educating everyone by posting your ordeal.

Author — Phillip Johansen


Man, you were so close to winning Darwin's award. I keep my fingers crossed for you. Maybe you can get one next time.

Author — Kochana Zlewozmywarka


This clip should have been titled "The South African candidate for the 2014 Darwin Award".

Author — Sierra MatchKing


"It’s probably best not to mess with snakes", yes, probably :-)

Author — f lotars


Oh dear LORD. That snake was so patient with you manhandling it. Damn.

Author — Lellobeetle


Make sure you make a video when you decide to kiss a shark.

Author — Rob Olson


Wish you a complete recovery Jax. Personally, I would've given a venomous snake much more space than you did and would've sought medical attention a little more quickly.
What's most admirable was your willingness to avoid hurting the snake even after it bit you. 

Author — Deji Odetoyinbo


So let me get this straight... 1) Live in a area with venomous snakes, but then not be aware of what snakes to be careful of. 2) Grab and handle snake not knowing if it is dangerous or not knowing how to properly handle a snake. 3) Bring possible dangerous snake INTO home. 4) Allow small child and family cat to come within inches of possible dangerous snake 5) Lets worry about changing into different clothes and wait for for wife to get home rather then call an ambulance.


Author — Bruce Crossan


And thank you for documenting this so other people around the world will take caution around certain snakes. Took often people mishandled snakes that shouldn't be handled at all. This video should be a warning to others. It was very painful and long recovery. Some people die. A lady died from Gaboon Viper pet.

Author — A1Googler


I'll be honest, you were a total neanderthal and showed complete disregard for the safety of yourself, your family and your cat. However I still thank you for posting this informative video. Hopefully many people will learn from this video and won't have to learn the hard way like you have. On another note I have faith that you won't do this again, be thankful that you still have your arm and good luck with those medical bills!!

Author — Josh


Wow. You have probably taken a lot from the cute comments from some of the viewers. Bottom line is NEVER handle any snake unless you are familiar with two things: the species you are dealing with and the location of the nearest medical facility with properly trained staff and antivenom.  And even then, use extreme caution at all times.  Hope you are having much better days by now. Cheers Mate.

Author — Rodney Hayes


Snake bit me, better play with it a little longer !

Author — Ann Heron


Awesome video, thanks for sharing. #Respect that you didn't kill it.

Author — lgndandroid


I think a lesson has been learned here!!

Author — Kurtallica