ZL to UK on 40mtrs..... marginal but a lot of fun.

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New Zealand to UK on 40mtrs is difficult at the best of times.
I had the opportunity to try out a huge antenna system here in NZ with my friend in UK.
I was operating with only 15watts as the amplifier was out of order so my UK friend had to do all the heavy lifting.
How ever a QSO was made and my friend TOM was easily heard here in New Zealand.

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Yes Tom!! :) Hell, I'll even give that a Thumbs Up!

Author — DX Commander


Great stuff. I had my first ever DX contact today. California to Japan while portable in a park.

Author — Fred Henderson


Now that's what I call a cracking good DX contact on 40m with 15 watts, you're the man Roly! and well done Tom

Author — Robert Johnson


Is that the FTDX101MP rig? I'll have to sell a few things to get one of those. Thanks for the video Roly. Always enjoyable. Cheers!

Author — Martin Vanek


Great stuff Roly. Looking forward to seeing the antenna video. I really have got to finish reassembling my shack, and get back on air.

Author — Bigfootgerry


Long Haul DX my passion. Great work guys. 73 Joe

Author — Joseph Rostochak KN4IFI


Hello Roly! Thx for another made with love and informative video. Happy saturday evening from Germany. 73's de Uncle Günter

Author — DK5ONV


Just for interest - I was using a DX Commander and about 350W from a TS990 and ACOM - I could barely hear Roly but JUST enough with headphones on to get the phonemes of his voice - that was a lovely contact for me - especially when Roly told me he was using 15W!!! UK/ZL propagation at 0630 - 0730hrs or so (greyline) is good at present on 40m.

Author — Tom Rowlands


Enjoy the South Island, they are both beautiful, so hard to choose. Looking forward to the next episode and thanks for the in shack action. 73's de ON8EI

Author — ON8EI, John


Excellent 👍🏻 I've seen Tom on some of Callum's videos and live streams 👍🏻

Author — Richard Twyning


Nice one Roly. Fingers crossed I will get out portable tomorrow morning to work the grey line over saltwater to try and to catch some Pacific DX Weather permitting.

Author — MM0OPX Amateur Radio


Time for the fifty foot tower and forty yagi? Marvel what a wire can do! Must listen for you.

Author — Keith Merrick


Hi Roly,
That was an awesome contact. Tom is a friend from across the pond. Stay safe. 73 WJ3U

Author — Don D'Egidio


With an Acom 2000A, easy make it to ZL and further!!

Author — Robbie Phelan