Being our best selves during coronavirus

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Being our best selves during coronavirus 5

The virtual solidarity we all need right now.

The spread of coronavirus has affected people all around the world. Many are locked in their homes, countless businesses are shut down, and life as many knew it has come to a halt. But amid the crisis and the uncertainty, acts of kindness and solidarity have spread.

Take a look at the many expressions of joy, teamwork, and support that have emerged from different corners of the world. They're a reminder that while many of us are isolated in our homes or on the frontlines of the fight against this virus, we are all in this together.

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Guy who created internet deserves a clap too. Imagine self isolation without an access to internet

Author — Abu Bardewa


This is the only time where we can save lives by doing nothing, let's not mess this up please.

Author — TrojAn064


Imagine needing a global pandemic for us to treat each other like humans and help each other or spread positivity

Author — justaliaa


"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, *'look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'* "

- Fred Rogers

Author — Minty annotations


the guy toasting champagne by himself is a mood

Author — Annica413


„2020, in X minutes“ will be extra emotional this time

Author — Dragon ninja 33


This virus has dragged us all to the reality that before everything; race, religion, nation etc..we are all humans.. and it's a chance we can be heroes for everyone... Let's all stay at home and save everyone

Author — Pierre Goodman


Feels like we live in a warzone without an actual war.

Author — cal


Videos like these are so heartwarming to watch. The only positive that this pandemic gave to us is the ability to show kindness towards one another.

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


This is the moment were we can be heros just by staying at home

Author — Jammy


My routine
Criticise the government

Author — Saptarshi Saha


"the romanticization of quarantine is a class privilege"

Author — Raw naq


This is the time where we become as one solid race: humanity.

Author — inigojuancarlos


Stay safe everyone, stay at home and together we can beat this. There is light at the end of the tunnel ☀️

Author — SammyBDJ


I just wanna quickly say how much I hope governments actually start housing homeless people during this crisis

Author — Far-left Eevee


To whom is reading this

Stay safe, take care, show love. We can get through this together.

Author — George B


The longer we stay inside and follow the measures, the less time we have to stay inside and follow the measures.



Okay who's cutting onion's during a pandemic.

Author — You Techy


1:18 on that minute, the Spain video's story is terribly sad. This old woman of 88 years has been living on the past half year on fear to get expelled from her own home by the authorities, plus living completely alone, and now the pandemic... Horrible time for her. But all her neighbours on his birthday got her a cake and started singing happy birthday, making her come to tears :).

This happened in Lavapies, one of Madrid's poor districts.

Author — Miguel Fernández


This made me cry tears of hope and happiness

Author — Jack !¡