The first ever GeForce

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What was the very first GeForce like? Let me tell you all about it!

Cards Tested:
-Riva TNT2 Ultra 32MB (150MHz core; 183MHz memory)
-GeForce 256 32MB (120MHz core; 166MHz memory)
-GeForce 256 64MB (120MHz core; 166MHz memory)
-GeForce DDR 32MB (120MHz core; 300MHz memory)
-GeForce DDR 64MB (120MHz core; 300MHz memory)
-Radeon 64MB SDR (155MHz core/memory)
-Radeon 32MB DDR (166MHz core; 333MHz memory)
-Radeon 64MB DDR (183MHz core; 366MHz memory)

Platform specs:
Athlon 64 X2 4400+ @ 2.8GHz
2GB OCZ EL Gold Ed. PC4000 @ 510MHz
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS
Samsung 830 Series 128GB SSD
Windows XP Professional SP3
ATI: Catalyst 5.5
NVIDIA: Forceware 61.77

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Thanks to everyone that's been watching and enjoying this video! Just a heads up, I only now realized that on the Serious Sam: The Second Encounter performance graph at 12:11, the Radeon DDR 64MB should say 36.1 fps, not 31.6. I do strive for accuracy so this difference is important to me, and I feel the need to clear that up.

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Author — PixelPipes


The Geforce 256 was my first 3D accelerater. I didn't realize back then just how historically important that card would be. I still have it and it is currently framed and on my wall for display

Author — MXDash2


3Dfx blew my mind. I bought a Matrox Mystique which was fine, but when I saw my classmate play Quake on a 3Dfx card, it just blew my mind. Everything was running butter smooth, even more so compared to my Matrox. I stuck with my first 3Dfx for quite a while, then finally upgrading to a 3Dfx Banshee which did not require a 2D card at all. Amazing :p I honestly cannot remember my first Geforce card, but it was probably the 256.

Author — vBDKv


Whoa you're back! Nice to see you making videos again. A lot of us RETRO people deal with everything from ISA VGA to GTX 8800 series cards. Do you have plans on making 2D and early 3D (Riva 128/TNT/Geforce2) era content?

Author — JohnnyNismo


I'm super glad, you're finally back! I really missed you!

BTW, I really enjoyed this video. One can clearly see, that you put a lot of effort into your videos.
Your videos are beyond awesome. You definitely deserve more subscribers.

I'm very pleased. Thank you sir!

Author — Wilius Undefined


The Geforce DDR was only released two months after the Geforce 256, and the Radeon 7000 a mere 6 months after the GF256. It's amazing how fast technology progressed at the time.

Author — SteelSkin667


Please, don’t stop making these incredible videos! Your work is awesome! Now I’d love to see a similar video talking about the first Radeon. Ok, you already showed us its performance, but I’d love to hear from you about the architecture like you did with GeForce here.

Author — PistigriloXP


Great video! I'm 37 and when I was a teen I worked at a local computer chain when these cards came out. As shown, the upgrade to a GeForce GPU was huge. Even better when the DDR option was released and we sold a TON of them. For the record, back in the day the TNT and TNT2 were great cards as well. My first GPU was a 3DFX VooDoo Banshee 16GB :-)

Author — ChrisMisc


It is great to see you back to making videos! I love watching these show down type videos of older hardware, and what these old graphics cards can really do when they have more than enough CPU to back them :)

Author — Carstuff111


I just discovered you and was a bit disheartened that I saw you weren't still making videos. I am extremely delighted to be wrong about that now. Absolutely love your content! Keep at it man!

Author — SubOxyde


It was very exciting to see an update from you in my subscriptions and this video didn’t disappoint. I don’t know of anyone else who covers vintage pc gaming hardware with the style and quality that you do. Thank you for sharing.

Author — Paul Macejewski


So glad to see you are back! Your videos are extremely entertaining and make me feel like a little kid again, perusing all the different tech and gaming magazines and reading about all the cool stuff that is about to come out. The Geforce 256 was actually the first real GPU (haha) I got for myself. Even though I actually wanted a Voodoo all the time, my local shop talked me into it as he said it was "the future"; guess he was right!

Author — daehxxiD


FINALLY someone explained to me, what a GPU actually means and what the big deal about the GeForce 256 was really about. I bought it back in the day, but until today I didn't really know that it was taking pressure off the CPU. Thank you man. Great video.

Author — JohnGaltAustria


Hey man, great to see you making a video again thx I look forward to more, your channel is awesome and pretty unique ! Take care

Author — Will L


Loved the video! Provides context and a bit of history to this card, and the suite of benchmarks includes some great titles from that era. Also, gotta say, I'm surprised to see that Radeon DDR 64MB doing so well in the tests.

Author — Eugen Pop


Definitely keep this up Nathan. Very good quality video, hope to see more as you go through the history up to today's cards?

Author — Timmersoft Networking Services


First time watcher here, I love the way you presented this video and how well put together it is. Also nice graphics card collection!

Author — DarkHylian


I remember having a TNT2 card, and I was actually quite happy with it. In comparison to the benchmarks I was playing at 640x480 most of the time. which was perfectly fine on a CRT at the time. reducing the resolution to 1/4 the pixel count actually make a lot of games more than playable.

Author — Pixel Shade


Very cool video. Brings back memories.. Good memories! This was the glory days of PC building and tweaking for sure. I had a TNT2 Ultra, then a GeForce DDR, Then a GeForce2 GTS.. I went ATi for a while after that, and back to nVidia. I am back to AMD graphics again. Ah good times. Thanks for the effort, great way to spend 15 mins!

Author — Craig Chevalier


Great documentary about the history/start of the GPU! Good work, keep it coming!

Author — Bjørn Jacob Falck