Supervillain Origins: Galactus

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Supervillain Origins: Galactus 5

Supervillain Origins of Galactus

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"There's no actor that are suited for Galactus, Lets just make him a giant dark clouds"


Author — Fira Tazia


Really?  Galactus was in FF2?  You mean that cloud of dust was supposed to be Galactus?  You sure it wasn't a fart from a passing comet?

Author — Mr21Daytime


That Fantastic Four 2 appearance was a joke..

Author — airricksreloaded



Galactus=fantastic four


Author — GG


Galactus Devourer of Worlds vs. Olive Garden's Unlimited Bread Sticks. Who would win??



That wasn't Galactus, it was a giant space cloud with cloud tentacles to rape the earth in the 2007 movie.

Author — MrDEMarq


so X-men strongest villain is Apocalypse, Avengers mightiest foe is Thanos and Fantastic 4 biggest enemy is Galactus...

Author — Yuki gumarnament


The cloud of fart gas was a huge let down in the Rise of the Silver Surfer. I wanted to see Big G, not what happens when he breaks wind. The comic version of Galactus is awesome, Fart Gas Galactus can kiss my vacuum cleaner's exhaust pipe. End of mini-rant. 

Author — FallingStar7777


Why was galactus a cloud on fantastic four movie?

Author — MrJb713


Technically galactus is not a villan but he is nutral he only eats planets because he needs it to survive He it a force of nature not a villan

Author — James Gray


There is no such thing as Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. That is a myth and a joke some troll on 4chan made to piss off the comic book community.

Author — Wartime Christian


Just imagine. The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Inhumans, and Defenders versus Galactus in one grand finale.
Galactus is the epitome of *Endgame*

Author — Steven Santos


Villain? Galactus is a force of nature, he's above "good" and "evil".

Author — Slayerx49


Such a weak ending to silver surfer movie

Author — TheMAgenda


OK, I haven't seen rise of the silver surfer, nor do I plan to, but someone PLEASE TELL ME THAT CLOUD OF FART GAS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE GALACTUS!!!

Author — Lucifer Morningstar


Galactus is not a villain. He's a force of nature, beyond good and evil, an oversight  the near- omnipotent being called the Beyonder failed to realise when he placed Galactus amongst the villains in the original "Secret Wars"

Author — Dr Donald Blake


2019 anyone, who is finally happy that Galactus may be introduced in the MCU anytime soon?? 🙂💯👍🏾

Author — Lanre Akerele


Saying Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer was Galactus' first appareance, is luke saying X-Men 3 sas Phoenix's first aopareance as well. NO THANK YOU!!!

BTW, I'm writjng a fan-fic where Galactus goes to the DC Universe and chooses Doomsday as his new Herald. Pretty sick shit.

Author — Mad Max Rockatansky


Wait wait, there was a WatchMojo list for the worst super villain portrayals right? If there isn't one, please make one and put Galactus from FF4 : Rise of the Silver Surfer...

..and venom from Spider-Man 3.

Author — Nkosi Tao


Galctus isn't a villain. Get your facts right.

Author — QuiteBad