Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos?

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Can You Hear the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pianos? 5

Can you hear the difference between cheap and expensive pianos?
I started the video by playing in a cheap piano, and then in the more expensive ones. I played 6 different pianos. Can you hear any difference in sound? Which one has the best sound?

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Author — Justin Y.


4:00 this one looks and sounds like the one Animenz uses.

Author — FLawLesS TaStE


yes, the expensive ones are much cleaner, but the first one has so much charm

Author — Pick Up The Lantern


The 1st piano was fun
the 2nd piano was brighter
the 3rd piano was smoother
the 4th piano was richer
the 5th piano was smooth and criptst.
the 6th piano was very bright and very smooth and rich sounding.

I still like Yamaha the best!

Author — Working from Home Online


the way he stares at the camera makes me feel like he's gonna come through the screen and steal all the bread in my house

Author — jade linnea


I can make a million dollar piano sound like a cheap plastic piano. It’s my talent.

Author — Jerad Malik


The fact that the last piano is worth as much as a country...

Author — Pat Mgroin


“Sir, if you aren’t going to buy something I’m going to have to ask you to stop playing the pianos and leave”

Author — Russell Barnett


Did anyone notice that for the first several pianos, he never really moved the camera, he just kept moving pianos.

Author — Lanny Lin


Just imagine breaking one of the keys on that last piano and having a debt of 100k

Author — Unboxings & Análises Portugal


My take away from this:

Yachts are cheaper than I thought they were

Author — kathryn sleezer


The first piano sounds like these from Black and white movies.

Author — Mr.Kleiner


The rarests thing on Earth:
Sun and Earth colliding.
Aliens and unicorns taking over the whole world.
A black hole sweeping up Earth.
Vinheteiro talking.

Author — VV VV


Most people commenting on here don’t have thousand dollar sound equipment on their ears and trying to determine the difference in million dollar piano sound on a compressed YT video 😂 *According to my $12 earphones all these pianos sound the same.

Author — M K


Just to help out the viewers its 0:02, 0:33, 1:24, 2:17, 3:11 and 4:25


Author — Badger Man


"Cheap piano"
**Starts with $500**

Me : Cries in broke

Author — ArtWizardSam


It’s sound so much better when you think about what you can buy with the other 2, 499, 500 $

Author — Vicky games


Another episode of Quarantine Has Brought Me Here

Author — ASMR Drops


"with this much money you can buy half of Venezuela's land..." Ouch that really hurts

Author — Oscar Abraham Cabrera Fuentes


The difference between the very expensive ones is hard to hear, but they definetly sound better than the cheap ones.

Author — Bobinstain