300 Meter Intervals for 5K Speed Endurance | Jordan Runs LA Ep 1

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I am kicking off a new series called Jordan Runs LA. Over the next few weeks I will be preparing for the Big LA 5K in March. This series will cover my 5K Training, Running Tips & Tricks, Los Angeles running culture and more.

This week's episode is at Santa Monica College. Join me at the track for a Speed Endurance workout of 15 x 300 meter repeats and to meet my team.

About Me: Jordan Thomas is a Los Angeles based runner originally from Baltimore, MD. He's a long term fan of Running and Running Culture. He started taking distance running more seriously in his 30's and now documents his training, shares tips & tricks and captures running culture and running stories.

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Anybody training for an upcoming 5k? If so, leave a comment below!

Author — Jordan Thomas


Awesome mate congrats on the move! I hope you settle in to your new place well 👌 great job on the workout, looking forward to more of this new series!

Author — The FOD Runner


Nice workout Jordan! That track looks quite nice and I love your shoes! Hope all is going well in LA!

Author — Travel Runner


so many reps!
i'm quite jealous of your weather

Author — kofuzi


i did 6 3 minute tempo runs with a 2 minute breaks. I covered 800 m in first five and did 900 m in last . Is that good? Can you predict my 5k time using it?

Author — Alan Samuel


Sound seems to be rather low for the intro section.40F with a hat on, lol. Looking forward to this series as I am focusing on the 5K for my races in April and May. Cheers. Jeff

Author — dokutaaguriin