Adobe After Effects 3D Broadcast News Open Tutorial | Element 3D

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Adobe After Effects 3D Broadcast News Open Tutorial | Element 3D 5

Hope you like - comments please :D

For the best 3D Logo or intro animation please contact

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SVRS BBC World News Countdown 2011

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Best element 3d channel on youtube. Thanks!

Author — gklhawking skeez


This is amazing Khan! Now, can you talk as you do this tutorial? because I would like to hear some of the concepts you are using.

Author — Dut Miathiang


how i can have the lighted metal diffused like yours? i was followed your work. but i don't have the same with your result.. thanks

Author — Tholud Aprilian


Best Tutorial Sir * Could you Tell me a basic elements 3d

Author — rahmani salman


I just looking for shortcut add expression property, now i found it, just press Alt Click

Author — Kurtz awn


when i trying to load globe.obj, and i change mesh view ... nothing change all. why do this ? pleasee tell me

Author — Ridho Muktiadji Muhammad


Excuse me sir, I try to download the Element 3D any time but can't download. Please your kindness sent it to me ? Thank you very much

Author — Vongsayh Phousee


Is it possible to do in Element 3D to have a 3D extrude text on a half circle path? NOT distorting it by bending but aligning the extruded text into a half circle path. TIA

Author — Marlon Victor Bondoc


Very  professional the best watch ever. Could you tell me it just 3D or there are other software you put.

Author — Phakwan SDL Gabriel


I want a News Into For My Live TV so May U help me?

Author — Ancient India


this is nice man.
could you add some particles also

Author — chris Khaukha


Hello! can you make a detailed intro of Element 3D in Urdu because most of your tutorials don't have voice and it's sometime difficult to understand? Please can you make that for me?

Author — Saud Ehsan


Didn't know Adobe made a good 3d modeling/rendering/animation program.. cool. I've found these animations really interesting lately, and have liked weather graphics for a while. If anyone likes real time weather graphics check out WSV3, they let you have a 14 day trial of the pro version and all it takes to keep reinstalling it is to make a new Windows user account, tbh.. offers live Nexrad radar sweeps which is awesome, and everything practically you need to run a weather channel or incorporate weather into your news.

Author — Officer Gregory Stevens


Could you make a tutorial on how to make a nameplate thing like yours?

Author — Matt Circio


this adobe software The price of the so ?

Author — Fazal Amin Mukhles


Will be great if you can talk through the tutorial

Author — Bernard Akpan Williams


اريد مشروع للتعديل عليه لو سمحت يا غالي

Author — صلاح إيحوف


How do I get the text in the intro I want it for my news channel

Author — Brede Mathisen


I had some issue when I adjust the outer line 4:52 in the video. The outer line is not fully circle with the globe, the line rotate unequal follow the globe. Please help me out. Thanks

Author — Dorra Tim


Hello khan Sir, I Have A Problem in I write something and edit it in Element 3D And if I press ok, then it will crop automatically, so why can you say that....Please Help Me Sir

Author — Deven Sarna