Vanilla Shadowfang Keep - Music & Ambiance (1 Hour)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

One hour of music and ambiance from the dungeon Shadowfang Keep in vanilla World of Warcraft, one of the first dungeons many Horde players would encounter, and among the most popular in the game.

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I ran this dungeon so many times back in vanilla to get all the arugal's gear for my undead lock. Dungeon is nostalgic for me!

Author — Jade Motorsport


It's funny that there many groups who wouldn't have finished SFK in 1 hour, by the time this video is over. Possibly 2 hours if you count setting up the group and running to the dungeon.

Author — Goremonger2


I love shadowfang back in the day cuz it was the only way we got gilnean content until cata

Author — Plant Tube