the Beaton Sisters - live @ ECMA 2010 - Celtic Colours Festival Club Stage

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the Beaton Sisters - live @ ECMA 2010 - Celtic Colours Festival Club Stage 5
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Musicians on stage are left to right: Patrick Gillis (guitar), Dawn Beaton (fiddle), Margie Beaton (fiddle), Jason Roach (keyboard)

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Tunes in order:
1. ? Air (0:05)
2. The Humours Of Castlecomer Jig (2:22)
3. Malcolm’s New Fiddle Jig (3:18)
4. Buddy's Order of Canada Jig (4:14)
5. Bog An Lochan Strathspey (5:16)
6. The Tarbolton Reel (5:57)
7. Hull’s Reel (7:04)
8. St. Andrew’s Flight Reel (8:09)
9. The Fermoy Lasses Reel (9:13)

Author — Ritsuka


This would be enough to make me burn my fiddle in despair ... if I hadn't already done so years ago ... gu dearbh fhéin.

Author — marconatrix


Now we will see the classical trained musician in poise and the difference between the natural . both work !!!

Author — Denis Foley


If you enjoy this kind of music, Celtic tunes, then Celtic Colours held every year on Cape Breton Island is a festival you *must* attend. Go once, go again. Put it on your bucket list. Been there, loved it. Saw the Beaton family perform, and had a beer at the Rankin family's small pub. The locals are so hospitable, the whiskey is superb, the Cabot Trail may be Canada's finest and most beautiful drive, and, the music is awesome. What's not to love? 

Author — Charlie McHenry


if only my sister and I could play like this LOL :O

Author — melissa wold


The first reel is Tarbolton Lodge.
This is so good!!

Author — John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson


I'd like to add something but every superlative has been used now

Author — fiddlefantwo


Dawn first fiddle instructor. 🎵😍🎶

Author — Scott Howard


Amazing ! Could listen to this set all day!:)

Author — duellingbanjos1


You guys are all amazing, this is the music I grew up with in Nova Scotia. Kitchen parties everywhere. My grandfather on the fiddle, 5-6 guitarists, and always Billy the banjo man. From Privateer's, the Palace, , to the Moon Well done, Beaton Sister's:)

Author — Dr. Bill


another big fan from France. Not French but living in France. Like others I've watched
this hundreds of times. Its what drew me to cape Breton music. If only I could
make it over there... it's wonderful. Thank you so much the Beaton Sisters and Jason
Roach ( Coig) and Patrick Gillis ( Béolach). Be great to see you in Europe.

Author — David Macmillan



Author — Joseph Cormier


Another WOW, a right handed guitar played left handed!

Author — Mike supermtamike


Do you sister's teach fiddle id love to learn mine ?

Author — Billy Slade


Just saw the Beaton Sisters play at the Red Shoe in Mabou, Cape Breton--absolutely unforgettable!

Author — Susan D


Wow! Thank you for making my day! Hugs from New York country

Author — Debby Turner


93, 000 views, speaks for itself Merry Christmas

Author — lawrenceleblanc


Talk about Energetic Fiddling! These Gals Rock! The Whole Band Rocks!

Author — Timothy Hunt


This never gets old.
Best damned music performance I've ever seen, it's a pity I wasn't there in person.

Author — anFidhlear


Absolutely INCREDIBLY GOOD ... the DRIVE of this MUSIC, ,, the CRACK ON of the DANCE ... is SPOT ON. BRAVO, BEATON SISTERS, BRAVO!!!

Author — Frank Dougherty