10 Crazy Scifi Weapons That Actually Exist

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10 Crazy Scifi Weapons That Actually Exist 4.5
Check out these crazy scifi weapons that actually exist! This top 10 list of amazing futuristic weapons exist today in real life!

10. PHASR Rifle
9. TrackingPoint .338 ShadowTrax8
8. Active Denial System
7. Drones
6. Tractor Beams
5. CornerShot
4. XM-25 Grenade Launcher
3. Freeze Ray
2. Armatix iP1
1. Sonic Black Holes

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Spoiler: I hope im not the only one that's a little worried about manufacturing black holes...on our only habitable planet

Author — Minuteman


JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW... this is what they have declassified, there are much scarier things in the United States' arsenal...

Author — Austin Beatty


I remember the m25 a navy seal tested it and then something better came out a c4 shotgun, ! One shot level a concrete bldg.

Author — Big Thunder


I think you forgot "Rail guns" 😀

Author — BelieveNoGod


Yesterday's sci-fi is tomorrow's reality.

Author — David Hill


mankind is headed for destruction we have or the powers that be has gone mad with power and subjugation of people who want to live differently.

Author — Harvey Witt


"Tractor beam" (austin powers)

Author — JU1Sy Mang0


If a drone flies over my property I'll use my own active denial system on it.

Author — Me Meagain


4:41 - "if refined"
Such a weird thing to re-brand as *5G* have fun with that.

Author — sed8me


Ik we all clicked because of the thumbnail

Author — Void Of Gold


Anything: *has LED lights*
Sci-fi:that's our gun

Author — dog boy 2.0


Active denial system or A.D.S. For short... wait a minute!

Author — Sugar Skullz


I think i just wasted 13:32 minutes of my life

Author — dwf tgg


3:01 - "sure, it's a bolt action but hey, we all have to compromise somewhere right?"

For a precision long range rifle, bolt action is not a compromise. It is optimal. Bolt action rifles will always be more accurate than semi-autos because the bolt in a semi-auto needs to have built in wiggle room to allow it to function properly, especially when dirty. Bolt action rifles can be made nice and tight and still work every time thus leading to better accuracy.

Author — El Hombre Mo


If I had that grenadelauncher, I would be the most popular on 4th of July

Author — Randell Darcky


What about the Q38 Explosive Space Modulator?

We Know it's real, Bugs Bunny stole it.

Author — Sean Hazelwood


There is many prototypes for the bond gun. Including one that reads fingerprints on the trigger.

Author — Adam Maitland


It’s the P-32 space modulator! Where’s the earth shattering kaboom???🤪🤣😂

Author — Luke Tilley


For #6 helpfull to who?? We all know the "govement" is no angel peacekeeper. Global protest are happening not becuase people have nothing better to do.

Author — John Jeffy


Gonna say it! Someone blinds me I'm gonna throw a mad one!? Really don't see how that would help a situation!

Author — Christopher Matthews