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What's next for the Kurds? | ITV News 4.5

They played a defining part in helping to defeat the so-called Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.

The Kurdish community, 30 million people spread across five different countries remains the largest stateless ethnicity in the world.

After years of persecution, Iraqi-Kurds now enjoy a degree of autonomy and freedom.

But they’re still hoping that one day they’ll have a state to call their own.

ITV On Assignment's Neil Connery goes to Iraqi Kurdistan ahead of the most important celebration in the Kurdish calendar, Newroz the Kurdish New Year.

He meets the female Peshmerga soldiers fighting on the frontlines and the hipsters who’ve achieved social media fame, bringing perfect tailoring to Erbil.

Finally, Neil heads to the mountains where hundreds of fiery beacons usher in the new year.

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