Was There A Real Robin Hood? | Robin Hood: Fact Or Fiction | Timeline

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Was There A Real Robin Hood? | Robin Hood: Fact Or Fiction | Timeline 5

Tony Robinson sets out to sift the fact from the fiction on whether Robin Hood, the legendary dispossessed nobleman hiding out in Sherwood Forest did actually exist.

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Fact or fiction, it doesn't matter. What counts is this English legend has given so much pleasure to young and old alike for nearly 700 years. From Disney to the earliest ballads from Errol Flynn to Kevin Costner I know my childhood would have been a less exciting without Robin Hood.

Author — RicTic66


I really liked this documentary, but the sound mixing is downright awful. There were many times where I could only barely hear the narrator over the background music...

Author — SenselessPi


it's amazing to see such long-forgotten, historical artefacts brought to life before your very eyes: Windows Media Player.

Author — Oliver Bayley


Of all the legends and myths, Robin Hood is the one I really want to be real.

Author — fifi msp


We're Men, we're Men in Tights! we roam around the forest looking for fights! We're men, we're in tights.. we rob from the rich and give to the poor THAT'S RIGHT!! We may look like pansies, but watch what ya say or else we'll put out your lights!!

Author — Tarathathe77wookiee


robin hood did not steal from the rich and gave to the poor. He took back the taxes stolen by the government (king) and returned to the taxpayers.

Author — riccardo estavans


Future Robin Hood will be a computer hacker and Sherwood Forest is darknet

Author — Johny Ricco


When I was 9, we went on our second trip to England and visited our friends in Nottingham. I actually went right inside the big tree because it’s hollow. I was so lucky to be able to experience that. My father loved to travel and they never left us kids at home while he and my mother went on adventures. I only wish I’d been able to give my own son the same kinds of experiences, but our economy was so good in Canada in those days that my dad, a car painter, was able to quite easily afford it. Although he only had a 10th grade education, he loved to travel and learn, and gave me my love of England, Europe, and history.

Author — Jacque Jasper


23:30 '...is, I have to tell you, a Baldrick'
Nobody but Tony Robinson could have said it that way.

Author — Alfred Johnson


I recall reading in the foreword to a book about some cavers in the Nottinghamshire area who found a blocked cave containing a small number of skeletons, some barrels and primitive arrows. In chalk on the wall, someone had scrawled 'Michael Tuck. I was the last.". When they returned with a camera, the roof had caved in, blocking access. Probably an urban myth, but I thought it was interesting. x

Author — Ruth-Elizabeth Page


Windows Media Player, the sound of a dial-up modem? Going for historical accuracy here, are we?

Author — Talat Anand


Wakefield born and bred, amazes me how much history my small city has seen, even the maternity hospital I was born in and my high school are on the likely battlefield from the War of the Roses

Author — Bremner's Ghost


"This I have to tell you is a Baldrick"...well done Baldrick.

Author — Blitz KriegFritz


Tony, I used to love your maid Marian series when i was a child.

Author — Hayley Quinn


There’s always some truths to legends and myths and folklore.

Author — Dr Gunsmith


It's impossible to enjoy the video with the trash from SONY Music interrumping every 3 minutes

Author — Rafa Gómez


When the dialogue is important why does some cretin have ponderous, loud back ground music obscuring the dialogue ?

Author — Joseph Forrest


die in a british forest lol! Ok without survival knowledge nowdays. But back then.... the poorest people where the best they knew how to survive!

Author — Roxy D


The old British series with Richard Greene was the first I remember of hearing of Robin Hood. That was 60 years ago.

Author — Mike Rossi


Most probably the title Robin Hood was handed down through the same family or to a worthy man, as was done in The Princess Bride with The Dread Pirate Roberts. Once one Robin became too old or tired of it, the title went to the next man and the old took on another name, or perhaps their original one again. That would explain how the different men were spread over many timelines. For all we know, it may still be handed down to this day, but of course they’d be doing good in more modern ways and also staying close to the British monarchy. It would be a cool theory.

Author — Aurelia Destiny