RAW: Camp Fire erupts in Butte County, California, forcing thousands to flee

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RAW: Camp Fire erupts in Butte County, California, forcing thousands to flee 4.5
RAW: Camp Fire erupts in Butte County, California, forcing thousands to flee

The residents of Pulga, California, have been issued a mandatory evacuation due to the Camp Fire. CAL Fire says resources are being brought in from across the state to fight the fire.

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My heart goes out to these people. Devastating!

Author — Shelley Mcpheron



Author — Virgils Love


I left too. 25 yrs ago. Dosnt mean I dont care. I dont recognize my home town. Everything everyone is gone.

Author — sam sodbuster


An ice free arctic in 2019/2020 guarantees scorching temps, crop losses, famine and extinction in under 5 years after skilled workers stop maintaining 1, 600 nuclear facilities. Smart kids will get a sailboat and see the world before they die. Send a postcard back home.

Author — OwlNation Legal


Wow. Now I know it’s devastating but there is something incredible about seeing nature in the raw

Author — Raptor and Lana


Like a scene from Cormac McCarthy's novel, "The Road." Apocalyptic.
California and the Intermountain West, dry as tinder, and up in flames.
Firefighters called in from as far away as Australia.

Author — Grey Jay


Ok, so how do we stop this mass destruction❓. I want my country back‼️

Author — Bobbie Mooser


Is America caught in a double-edged sword

Prayers for the affected - Most in the west think forest fire and flash floods we are witnessing around the world as part of warfare technology such as EMP and Geo-Engineering. They are insensitive to take note of the Parallel World Design of earth and the two opposing cycle [Heating and cooling] that gives way to one another and balances the system. The present high energy state of the environment is occurring due to our day to day human activity and our approach to nature and life that is negative. The present extreme heating is pushing the environment to its limits. Such a scenario can create EMP like directed energy state that causes the fire and fire jumping. It can also cause flash flood/snows and deep freeing situations. The west fails to note that science that has given much power to them is incomplete. It does not know the whole Truth of nature and its functioning. They have ruled the world on divisive mentality and conquering motive and consequently exist in fear of the enemy. Their economy is built on warfare than ecology and Life. Their instinctive tendency is to apply all knowledge negatively for warfare. The idea of the enemy using EMP weapons and Geoengineering or they becoming a victim of their government testing it is natural and cannot be ruled out.

But I believe the present situation is more a global phenomenon that is coming of increased heat in the environment. If the present one that is taking place Paradise and Malibu in California is done to stop the cold from sinking in the USA, they in for worst disaster – All force is spiral. The rising up force of fire is associated with sinking force of cold and vice-versa. This means America could be caught in a double-edged sword. Let wait and see cold is winding force this means we can expect huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Author — John Paily


What can anyone really do to fight these fire monsters? It's the equivalent of trying to tackle a huge house fire, one of the rooms could be saved by what about 99% of it. Seems like it's purely in God's hands now

Author — Chloe Bass


They still use wood for guard rail posts in Cali. ?

Author — d walker



Author — peter macleod


Can you drive down WAGSTAFF road .... ??

Author — Rose Elley


Government cause it, media covers it up, lying media♨️

Author — Ego Eimi no.12


Did you ever notice that fires are in a smoth strait line not irregular like most fires

Author — Ian Richeson


señor mio protege la gente los animalitos y la naturaleza no los abandones porfabor ayudales recuperen sus pertenencias y llegue la ayuda de la humanidad

Author — Ernestina Sandoval


Who- WHO- makes a campfire in California??!!!!

Author — joyce walbert


Where is the mighty United States war machine it's aircraft carriers it's army it's it's Navy where are they they should be here annihilating this threat to this proud nation leaving an emergency to a handful of yokels clearly underfunded clearly under manned. United States Military brag that nobody can take them but nobody can match their prowess. Where the f*** are they?

Author — Francis Formalhaut Moon


RD says; The Chemtrail jets have been spraying to skies over north California for weeks straight ! except today, the day of the Camp Fire, nice and dry for the relocation agenda !

Author — Christina Daly


The USA is in a civil war. i live in Auburn, California, just 60 miles south of Paradise and 20 miles north of Sacramento (i work in Sacramento), and everyone here knows someone who lost their home. People are starting to realize that these fires are not "wildfires" and that the government did this for that Speed Rail System, "Smart Cities" and Agenda 21. The UNITED STATES, United Nations, STATE OF CALIFORNIA and the People's Republic of China started these fires. They declared war on the American people across California. It is now open season on the UNITED STATES, United Nations, STATE OF CALIFORNIA and People's Republic of China. They are the enemies of the People!!!! Local, state and private militias get armed, get organized and get ready!!! You will be burned out of your homes too if you do NOT act now!! The objective is to take back our government and administration buildings, and our means of communications and our infrastructure from the UNITED STATES, United Nations, STATE OF CALIFORNIA and the People's Republic of China! These fires will continue on and on and hundreds of thousands of us will be burned out until we fight back and stop them!!

Author — AARM-USRA


They should have voted yes on prop 6, then they would have had more money to pay for fire insurance.

Author — Drool Alot