PROOF THAT CATS ARE THE BEST!!! - Cats That Like Hugs Compilation

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PROOF THAT CATS ARE THE BEST!!! - Cats That Like Hugs Compilation 5

Cats are awesome - and here is the proof!!! We all wonder why are cats so adorable. This compilation is an answer to this question.
This video is about cats that love their owners. You'll see cats that like hugs and cats that give hugs, cats welcoming owners home, even cats petting birds.
Cats are the best and the cutest animals! We are lucky to have these cute pets:))

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Cats really are the best!! The cat on the cow was hilarious. I would have all of them if I could LOL.

Author — Community Cats


Then there are the cats who are too damaged to ever connect like this. I have one of these, and encourage you to consider the cat who can't give back but still needs a safe space to call home xx

Author — Jewellery Lover


This is the best compilation of sweet side of cats. Touches my heart. Emotionally so positive.

Author — mike levitz


I just loved the clip when the cat stood on her hind legs and reached up to be picked up....😍😍😍😍

Author — jacqui tyus


I loved watching this! My kitty pats my face, head buts me, sleeps on my stomach, and drools all over me. If that isn't love, I don't know what is! I love my cat!!!
Cheers! ~Janet in Canada

Author — mastersadvocate


A cat who lovres birds?
Never thought id see that..

Author — lovenlightman


One of the best videos that I have seen! Cat's DO LOVE HUGS and are very affectionate. They'll let you know when they're finished hugging and loving on you, NOT vice versa. My Cat Bella is very loving and affectionate and always gives me kisses, pats and holds my face with both paws looking straight into my eyes, my face and will just nuzzle me. Then either ends up with my lap asleep, or on my shoulder. But if I'm in bed, she will pull back on my comforter to let me know she's ready to go to sleep. Will lay her head on my pillow and she's gone night-night. I'm fond of dogs, but there's just that soft/warm/comforting little Critters whose purrs are magically hypnotic and so soothing! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🐈💞✌️🇺🇸

Author — Cynthia Dial


I think my cats have quite literally saved my life at times . Without them I think there were occasions in the past where I probably wouldn’t have been able to carry on . I’m sure there are many people out there who feel the same and can relate to this . They are a God given joy and a Blessing to those who will accept them into their lives .

Author — choppy249


Me: * Seeing the video with my cat *

Also me: * watching my cat after seeing the video*

My cat: don't even think it human, don't touch me ! * go away *

Author — Black Wolf


If only humans could give this much love.

Author — robert graziano


I love cats, my bailey is 9 years old, I can’t imagine life without him.

Author — Mona lee robinson Lee robinson


Too cute, I think cats are the best animals, they seem to have a quality of mystic.

Author — roddy christodoulou


Can't believe I can't believe that the cat didn't try to eat the birds when he was loving them.

Author — Carina Vera


what I love about Cats even when they complain or make angry noises the still sound cute ^^ & I love that they are so free spirit, as a Animal Lover it makes me sad that some people write bad stuff or even treat them wrong I can´t understand everyone are deserving of love esp. Cats too

Author — SophieLovesMonstaX2NE1AteezLittleMix


Cats: "Everything here is mine..including you and your little guitar, too!"
That was refreshing... and darling.
Thank you.

Author — Shanty Irish


Cats, ...they'll eat your face as soon as you die.
A dog go's for help.

Author — ThatDutchGuy


Much as I loved this video, I don't need a " proof" to tell me that cats are the best coz I already know that they're the best.

Author — Sunny Girl


Cats are the most lovable animals on this Earth. And comical!

Author — Philip Emma


🤔what is the point of this vid everybody knows cats are the best 😎😎😎

Author — Nidia Nora Cardenas Acevedo


And this is why I’m a cat person👍😁💕💕. Those were all adorable!!!

Author — Laure Mehrkens