MSR Elixir 2 3-Season Backpacking Tent with Footprint

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How does this tent go in sub-zero temps? I'm wondering if it will be warm enough to take on the Annapurna circuit in November-December

Author — Jake Forker


I just ordered this today after my old msr hubba hubba was eaten by a dog(I didn't know msr tents also were delicious for animals). setting just the crazy lower price aside. It looks like to me this is such a thought-out developed tent and I think ai will like it even better than the hubba hubba. the durability and comfort is worth the weight.

Author — Outdoorsvoyage


Hello, nice video, thanks for sharing! We have been looking into buying this tent for hiking and backpacking as it seems a really good quality but we are a bit concerned about weight. So we wandered what part of the weight we could leave at home and not carrying. We can´t find any information on the web about the weight of each separate part that goes in the kit with this tent. Would it be possible for you to say the weight of the footprint and pegs separately? And what would be the weight of only the rainfly, tent body and poles together? Thank you in advance.

Author — Walking Nature World


Great review - even better commando roll @1:24

Author — hahaha123


I have this tent, 6lbs?! damn, I don't remember that. Or maybe I just didn't consider it as heavy when I bought it, as I do now...Yea lol that's probably it.

Author — GRIFFIN


can you zip over the mesh triangles on the door or are they always exposed? if the latter is it much of a draft issue?

Author — Colin B


Hi. What do you recomend most: MSR elixir 2p or Marmot vapor 2P?

Author — Rytis Augustinas


Been looking at several tents and finally decided this is the one I'm going with. Now just to decide the one or two man version?🙄

Author — Peter Rae


But the HH for the rain fly is only 1500 how can this be considered fully waterproof?

Author — projecttopman29


Hi.. when it will be back to stock?
Any chance for a bundle with the porch added?

Author — Saar Feinstein


Do you think that this tent has enough air circulation? I see there isn't a lot of mesh comparing to other models and it might get super hot in there no? Thanks

Author — Zach


The side zip vestibules really should have been designed as asymmetrical. That way you always have one vestibule protected from the wind. Now you're simply out of luck with both vestibules open in the same direction.

Author — Jari Perho