Hold It Down (Official Music Video) - ChaseThatMoney

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Hold It Down (Official Music Video) - ChaseThatMoney

ChaseThatMoney Presents

Artist - ChaseThatMoney
Song - Hold It Down
Album - This Is Me

Beat Produced by - ThatKidGoran

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💬 Comments

I had to watch it twice bro! Its just as good as your first one! I can see the emotion in your face and body language. Keep slaying it homie!

Author — ArisenOfSparta


Great job. Love the harmony. Beautiful voice

Author — Steph Fowler


Good stuff brother keep up the hard work

Author — Grumpy Gibbs


This song is definitely a vibe rn. Absolutely love it! Keep up the good work! You’re gonna go far in this life!! 💯💯

Author — Hailey Geist


Finally bro! That's what's up for sure. Diggin it, and brother, cant wait for more!

Author — Daniel Meddock


I heard from a birdie it’s your birthday too. Great release. Loving the music.
Happy Birthday 🎉

Author — Heather Hall


Love The Song Man Peace And Love From New Mexico

Author — Mr_Nobody


Feeling the vibes Chase is putting out in this song.... love it

Author — Mark Stickney


Man you seem like your getting up thier in life keep the great work going

Author — troublemaker095


WOW. . . that is awesome! You guys sure do a great job with the videos! Thanks for sharing!

Author — Audrey Schaible


I think everyone wants someone to Hold It Down for them, that's why we Cha$eThatMoney everyday! Love this song...

Author — Sswirl


Real ART is felt in the Heart, you Hold It down with the music..

Author — DropN Beats


Listening from Colorado peace and love.

Author — sheila morgan