Classic WoW Dungeon Guide: Shadowfang Keep (18-21)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Welcome to the WoW Classic dungeon guide for Shadowfang Keep! I hope you enjoy!
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Deathstalkers in Shadowfang
The Book of Ur
Arugal Must Die

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Man, you nailed it! This format is great for the dungeon runs. It might be little longer for longer dungeons but it doesnt matter. Great thing was you stayed on the topic and said everything necessary. I really like it and Im looking forward to the next! :) Good job!

Author — Martin Kapalka


Well done man! Format is great, like the previous one! Sound is also great this time around! Keep it up!!

Author — Aelryon


Great vids thanks for making them. Gonna watch them all

Author — wutzit


SFK in wow classic is ideal for levels 23 to 29

Author — P.G.R.O


Out of curiosity, would people prefer WoW time or being able to play the Classic demo?

Author — Thraex


doesnt the human in the cage at the first boss turn into a worgen event boss at night?

Author — pizzaman j


Uuh, i just realized that this game will be half-full of people who have never seen a threatening trash mob before. At least two months of retail heroes trying to prove that AOE farming instances is still a good idea. That's my bet. Some yokel on YT will show how to do it with an optimal group and then all the little yokel-lovers will subject me to it in every run. Hooray! I can barely think of a single vanilla dungeon where the trash wasn't the main problem. Either because it was disgustingly difficult, or just because it respawned fast.

Author — Politically Correct Redskin