Tenerife, The Island of Hidden volcanoes

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Tenerife, The Island of Hidden volcanoes 5

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I never realized that there are so many scenic places to enjoy Tenerife island I love to go there.

Author — Philip Bahia


Great video that tells you all you need to know about Tenerife's 5 volcanoes!

Author — Azure Holidays


Thanks really enjoyed this video. Next visit to Tenerife I am going to visit Garachico.
There’s more to this island than all the tourist parts.

Author — Peter Brimer


Great video. Thanks so much for sharing. We were there in November and also made a short video. We got some good ideas from your film. Thank you.

Author — Neil Deegan


This is a wonderful insight into this beautiful & diverse island.

Author — Karen Watkins


So beautiful, Please, if you can let me know the music in the beginning, Ill be glad...

Author — limon limoneri


Bin in Tenerife begin August, it was Awsome !!!

Author — Colonel Shaw


I didn't realize Tenerife had so many volcanoes. I would definitely like to explore Tenerife!

Author — HotMamaTravel


Lovely documentary. Please, could you tell me which is the name of the song in the very beginning (the ambient one at the intro)?

Author — worldcitizengrendel


17:28 La Gomera is also worth a visit. Very unique landscape!

Author — AvariceUntied


7 million years.
No way you or any one else knows the age of anything in this world. Might as well just pick a #. Any # will do.
10 m. 7m. 16 m.

Author — Nina Jefferson


The volcanoes of Tenerife are not hidden are in sight. They are 321. What happens is that they are badly named and are often called mountains when in fact they are volcanoes. Mountain Red, Mustard Mountain, Mountain War, etc, etc ... all are extinct volcanoes or volcanic cones.

Author — Ramon Armas