New eruptions from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

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New eruptions from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii 4.5
The volcano erupted again sending red hot lava through the trees and reaching neighborhoods; toxic gas rising from the molten rock.

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'If you stay, you're on your own' quote reminds me of when they said the same to the residents of Louisiana and Mississippi when Katrina was approaching. What if residents can't leave because they're elder, don't have a car, can't afford it, or aren't informed? I hope they're not left behind!!

Автор — MaryGirl Moody


Mother Earth is taking back what was taken.



This is bad, I guess people don't practice the duck and cover drill anymore so they just get their cameras to record instead

Автор — Miguel Martinez


Who knew there was a volcano in Hawaii.

Автор — Cofefe


WHoos ready for the Yellowstone Volcano?

Автор — Adrian Monroy


This must be terrifing for the residents and visitors. My heart aches for you. 💓 I sure hope the Trump administration treats Hawaii better than Pureto Rico 💔

Автор — trixie beldon


We live 15 minutes away. The earthquakes were incredible! Shook the whole house....scary!

Автор — Lani Truth


this what happens when you live on a volcano

Автор — Collinbeastmode1


Someone in Europe is testing that Large Hadron collider again!

Автор — School of Baccarat


New people are so dramatic over kill. You right we build on volcano we know the risk pele rules the big island. To bad nice people nice place to live. Aloha

Автор — Archer Puna


If you build/buy a home on the side of an active volcano, you shouldn't be surprised when lava and toxic gases erupt nearby. Dumb people.

Автор — afh7689


Damn that’s crazy. Many prayers to you all

Автор — NorCaLove1


Astagfirullah.. 😯😯 My Village in jogjakarta, central java part of Indonesia, we also have volcano... Very dangerous and scared.

Автор — Jenny Chang_69


I can't believe the crap that people say sometimes ! Someone said that their heart goes out for the people of Hawaii plus the visitors and said that he or she hopes that Trump treat's Hawaii better than Puerto Rico . And I responded to that person letting him or her know that Puerto Rico is part of America . The things people say sometimes is just crappy talk ! Damn idiot . SMH unbelievable . All lives matter, we're all God's children and I don't care what color you are, we all bleed alike, we all put our pants, shirts, underwear everything the same so everyone is equal in my eyes and the Lord's too !! Peace, love and much respect to all of you in the USA and around the globe word up !!!

Автор — Double Trouble


What will happen to the rest of the country if this volcano erupts like Mount St. Helen's?

Автор — adelgado75


Luke 21:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.

Автор — Bible Boy


Hawaii and California. You got to be crazy to live there.

Автор — Maritza Aponte


The islands themselves were formed by these same geological processes.
Yellowstone could blow one day too. It would be devastating, but such is the circle of life. 💕

Автор — amy alice


So the military is there to prevent homeowners from returning to their homes. How come the military isn't on our southern border preventing pocs from entering our country?

Автор — John Millhouse


You live on top of a volcano, you get burned, cant wait for Trump to blame Obama for this one.

Автор — Jeremy Atwood