Slayer - Crionics

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Crionics by Slayer
Track 09 From Their First Album, Show No Mercy (1983)

Eyes upon me
Watching me in my perpetual sleep
Dreams deceive me
My future depends on a mindless dream
I've fallen from promises
Damned to take risks on my own
The masterful science that freezes your
Mind and your soul
The wretched dream is realized
The human race is to be crystallized

Thoughts of laughter
Filling the head of the master in charge.
Worlds of wonder
Is this a cure or a painless death
I'll fight and resist
Till they all see the end that is near
The doctors the lawers and G-men
Are living in fear
Living my life with one distant hope
A cure that will kill my invincible foe

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One of the best songs of all time! Pure and absolute masterpiece!

Author — @danielsan2142


Huge Maiden influence on this album. Love it.

Author — @rohantiwari7801


2:21 Love that riff 32 years later, never gets old

Author — @AndyHoward


I wish they would play this live, it truly is, in my opinion, their most underrated and least talked about tracks.

Author — @vromandodgers


Eu considero o Show no Mercy como o melhor album do Slayer.

Author — @bandawolfmachine


2:07 is one of the best transitions into a solo I could literally just listen to that part all day

Author — @xKaRiSmA


Eu ouvia esse som com 12 anos, hoje estou com 47 e continuo amando. Nunca vai ser obsoleto.

Author — @caiocesardesousamonteiro8970


When Tom Arya actually showed his voice range... Great tune...

Author — @thefnaffan2


This is my favourite Slayer song, gotta say. It's always great to come back to Show No Mercy every once in a while!

Author — @Nathanelsematters


show no mercy is my favourite slayer album and one thing what i like about this album is that solos are much more melodic here than in other albums

Author — @ramazgeradze3460


Masterpiece ! The best song from Show No Mercy !!

Author — @gobolotto


2:21 is the greatest moment ever of all time

Author — @1dashcope


One of the most underrated Slayer songs imo

Author — @cyberoptix7862


That last guitar solo was quite awesome

Author — @CandleLightDoesThings


Slayer worshipping at the Shrine of Maiden and Priest. Glorious.

Author — @WolfgangVonPoserkila


everything from show now mercy is pure gold!

Author — @Gortey


GREATEST song in this album . I have literally seen Slayer live countless times, with Machine Head, with System of a Down, with Sepultura, with Iron Maiden etc, etc ... how come they have never played this is beyond me ( They probably think it´s " too much ´early `Iron Maiden " - but THAT is exactly what makes this so special ) . \m/

Author — @saraivatoledo1842


underrated, this shit is insanely good

Author — @filippo.diberardino2863


I was fucking devastated when I had heard the news about Jeff. I mean, I almost couldn't handle it. I've been a fan of Slayer since I was 10, and to hear about it at 21, I wanted to believe it was just a bullshit hoax or a flat-out lie. May you Rest In Peace Jeff Hanneman. You may have passed, but your music stays amongst the physical realm. R.I.P Jeff Hanneman. We all love and miss you. \m/ \m/

Author — @MayanAbyss


This is one of my favorite albums ever, from any metal band. One of the very few that I can press play and listen to from start to finish without skipping songs.

Author — @toro5280