DooM (2016) - Ultra Nightmare 100% Speedrun - [2:27:54.80]

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DooM (2016) - Ultra Nightmare 100% Speedrun - [2:27:54.80] 5

Thank you to my wife and children. I couldn't have done this without your support.

Many thanks to Hugo Martin, Marty Stratton, and the team at id Software for making a timeless classic. Not too long ago, I thought that this time was impossible, but here we are.

A huge round of applause for my audience: I couldn't have done this without your help.

Special thanks goes to the following:

Dreamer_King - (n/a) - The DKSMS changed the face of the game. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this technique with me. This time would not have been possible without it.
Slendy - thank you for the dope artwork in the thumbnail!

Thanks and shout outs to route contributions (direct and indirect):

Stalevar, QualityHumor, TheDoomGuy.MG, DeadlyDave88, Justin Perez, Dec1bel, Torok, LifeLike, Allstin, Snake, SaleemZireeni, JaviBot, Seeker, Raymond Blackard, DiHydrogenMonoxide, 1_BIGS_1, FelixInTheMorning (AKA FlexinInTheMorning), MacDaddy, Ice_Dragon_Live, and anyone else I'm forgetting (drop a comment or hit me up in discord and I'll update this description).

100% UN Rule-set:

No console commands permitted
No force closing the game
Full Combat-Rating for all levels that measure it (level 3 and onward)
All Secrets per level
All Optional Challenges for levels that measure it (level 2 and onward)
All Argent Cells
All Praetor Tokens
All Weapon masteries
All Rune masteries
All codices
End-screen capture before glory-killing the Spider Mastermind
11 Combat Points
All masteries for weapons
All argent cells and Praetor-suit upgrades
All masteries for runes
All Codices: Environments 25/25, Database 9/9, UAC Personnel 9/9, Weapons 25/27, Monsters 35/36, Artifacts 15/16

End-screen report located at 02:27:57

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Run timecodes :

00:00 > The UAC
03:01 > Ressource Operation
14:20 > The Foundry
24:30 > Argent Facility
25:06 >>> Rune Trial #1 = Vaccum
29:28 >>> Rune Trial #2 = Dazed and Confused
36:43 > Argent Energy Tower
37:58 >>> Rune Trial #3 = Ammo Boost
47:02 >>> Rune Trial #4 = Equipment Power
50:10 > Kadingir Sanctum
54:39 >>> Rune Trial #5 = Savagery
57:57 >>> Rune Trial #6 = Seek and Destroy
1:03:37 > Argent Facility Destroyed
1:04:42 >>> Rune Trial #7 = Armored Offensive
1:09:13 >>> Rune Trial #8 = In-Flight Mobility
1:16:35 > Advance Research Complex
1:25:10 >>> Rune Trial #9 = Blood Fueled
1:30:50 >>> Rune Trial #10 = Intimacy is Best
1:33:19 > Lazarus Labs
1:37:23 >>> Rune Trial #11 = Rich Get Richer
1:45:23 >>> Rune Trial #12 = Saving Throw
1:47:34 > Boss #1 = CYBERDEMON
1:49:07 > Titan's Realm
1:59:25 > The Necropolis
2:06:36 > Boss #2 = THE GUARDIANS
2:08:53 > Vega Central Processing
2:17:47 > Argent D'Nur
2:26:55 > Boss #3 = SPIDER MASTERMIND
2:27:58 > Byte 100% check
2:28:08 > Rest in Hell

Author — mac tabut


He's got a date at 6, but got a demonic invasion at 4

Author — Ayeloo Official


Dr Heyden: We got a problem at the facility.
Doomguy: Gimme 2 hours...

Author — Simeon Nedkov


This guy didn’t put any adds in this video

What a madlad, respect from me

Author — Envicious


This was like watching a violent, coordinated, demonic ballet. Almost every single little detail from the timing to his aim on his rocket launcher shots were absolutley 100% accurate. The amount of time and practice you put into this would probably have drove me mad. Mad props and respect to you man. You deserve the world record. I'm truly impressed 😎😎😎

Author — Kristofersonl


1:47:50 - 1:48:10

Cyberdemon: *Am I a joke to you?*

Author — CognizantCheddar


"welcome to the-"
*Pushes 'exit facility' button*

Author — Iceypumpkin head


>Be demon
>gonna kill all sorts of humans today
>get a call from the boss
>teleport time
>gotta go to some sort of "turbine room"
>oh boy can't wait
>teleport in
>chainsaw in my chest
>look up
>it's the doomslayer

Author — Dillon Graham


Doom 2016 is perhaps the greatest reboot of any series in the history of gaming.

Author — Count Koopa


This DOOM movie is way better than Doom: Annihilation

Author — Neroidius


This is so much better than some guy glitching through walls and skiping levels, nobody wants to see you skip the game.

Author — gedasma


This guy is the reason behind "monsters are trapped with doomguy" meme

Author — Hi Im Faker


Demons: Doom Guy is coming, hurry eat all the ammo so he has nothing to shoot us with.

Doom Guy: demon pinatas 10/10

Author — Bob Hager


VEGA: “You are looking at the only absolute zero cooling system construct..”


Author — sneakymode


If I did a speedrun I'd forget what I'm doing in five minutes

Author — Bread Croost


You should do this run at GDQ or ESA... It's actually quite entertaining and has a lot of content. I would really like to see it with commentary.

Author — Yehor Borkov


I was wondering why you skipped that secret level in Mission 5 until I saw 50:00. It was timed so perfectly. Amazing!

Author — Le Sanzo


Why is DOOM GUY playing himself in this game?

Author — IDMSS


Runner : Uses Gauss cannon to move around quick and reach hard to reach jumps.
Rune for In-Flight Mobility : " Am i a joke to you?"

Author — Liebes Wölkchen


1:36:52 the cyberdemon popped up for a single frame?

Author — Mixxr