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Guys often struggle to achieve the level of beard grooming that they see when going to a barber. In this video I will share the process as well as some essential tips and ticks that I use at home to keep my bear looking sharp.
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Supreme hairline genetics
Supreme hair type genetics
Supreme eyebrow genetics
Supreme skin genetics (skin care excluded)
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Deep hot voice
Good nose

This man was definitely born for the billboards and front pages

Author — @subtleprelude2400


Man, your beard is growing faster than the grass in my backyard.

Author — @waryfuls2


I literally see this man's hair style billboards at every barber shop in India !

Author — @atitudeekdam4565


Finally a tutorial that works in practice! I've the same beard shape, density and color, so i tried it out and this'll be my new routine.

Author — @RMHAms


I don’t have particularly good beard genetics, but I’ve managed to grow and maintain a medium length beard that I get a lot of compliments on. To manage your expectations— Achieving a great at-home beard takes years of practice.. and it’s totally worth it!

Author — @ryanhikes14ers


Great video. I have been doing just about everything you mentioned in this video for the last year with good results. Glad to know that I was doing it right this whole time . 😀

Author — @bballer7toronto


Even professionals won’t be able to match this standard of your precision Brother ! 🙌🏻

Author — @teejaysinghX


Love your video. I often groom my beard myself but unfortunately I wear glasses and cannot get full motion of hands. If I remove my glasses, I usually end up making mistakes (as I can't see anything)

Author — @trox9082


You forgot to mention that it takes more or less a year to have your hand stable enough to make such precise movements. One mistake and your beard looks like on the Picasso's painting. I groom my beard 3-4 times per week and use the same methods like you. I also use my index finger as a template to have my beard line arcuate. After grooming my beard, I also remove hair from my nostrils and also from my ears as I'm older than you and my hair there started to grow exponentially 😉

Author — @arkadio723


I have the same beard style ❤️ your video is so helpful 🥰 thank you 😊

Author — @amitsamakamboj


I have been doing it wrong, but now u taught me right way .. THANKS MAN 👍🏻

Author — @200-anujkumar6


Bro ....u got the best beard genetics in the world. I have not seen anyone had growth like u.



Definitely a class act just watching you trim your beard learnt so much thanks 👍.

Author — @09Germ


After watching many videos about this topic, I can say that this one go straigth to the point and summarize key concepts pretty well

Author — @rodrigraziano6933


Excelente amigo ya estoy aprendiendo usar la afeitadora y darle definición a mi barba y bigotes.
Gracias por compartir éstos vídeos que son muy útiles para nosotros los hombres que amamos tener vellos.👍💪👏👏👏🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦
Saludos desde Panamá 👍🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

Author — @hatomontana8043


I hated my mustache-indents (side effects from decades of chin strap style beard). I never thought about playing into it. I might try that next major trim.

Author — @anthonyanderson9771


This is the best beard video I have watched. Since I have the same beard style this was extremely helpful.

Author — @shubhamjain931


Thanks for this, great tutorial and tips 🔥

Author — @t0x1c_caustic23


By the time I finished this routine my beard had grown back to its original status.

Author — @81mccabe58


I'm glad that 90% of the videos I watch on beards, the dude's using the same trimmer that I have👌🏼 Now to learn how to use it with skill 👍🏼

Author — @d2ds17