Dodgers vs. Braves NLCS Game 6 Highlights (10/23/21) | MLB Highlights

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Dodgers vs. Braves NLCS Gm6 full game highlights from 10/23/21, presented by Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer.

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Those three strike outs with runners on 2nd and 3rd was wild. Incredible pitching in a insanely clutch moment.

Author — Luke Takessian


That decision to pull Anderson to PH Adrianza was a ballsy move. Boy did that pay off, what a call by Snit. Also so happy for Luke that Matzek covered for him and saved his runs. Luke has been spectacular all year and it would have been a shame to lose another game under him. Matzek is absolutely electric. What a series, let’s bring it home boys. Chop on

Author — Yarp Yepiddy


Matzek had one of the most clutch pitching performances in recent memory. Most people, including myself, had written these guys off after losing Acuna. Oh well, serves me wrong. Go win it all, boys.

Author — Cipher618


Matzek was just unbelievable in this game. That is some of the best pitching I have seen in my 25+ years of watching baseball

Author — fsmetal


The fact that the Braves made all the way through WS despite Acuna's injury makes it really hard not to be romantic about baseball

Author — 이정인


Matzek truly saved the day. I thought there would be no way we escaped the 7th without the score being at least 4-3 let alone tied, and he shut the door to any comeback.

Author — David Matheny


This had Game 7 energy, and Matzek in the 7th was clutch AF

Author — Blazer


Matzek unbelievable.... He is the runner up MVP behind Rosario.

Author — Jordan Phillips


the braves winning the pennant on tbs just seems extremely right and fitting

Author — Gemaconda


Alex Anthopoulos needs to win GM of the year. The Braves lost 2/3 of their outfield(Acuna and Ozuna)so he goes out and brings in Joc, Soler, Duvall and of course Rosario who all contributed in helping the Braves get to the World Series

Author — Scott -O


Matzek’s striking out the side in the 7th will go down as one of the most clutch pitching innings in Braves postseason history 👊

Author — SkepticalFox


Congrats to the Braves on making the World Series. Nice to see Giants legend Will Smith get the final outs.

Author — Sean Galvin


Dodger fan: Hats off for the braves! You guy’s kicked our butts and dropped excellent pitching! Good luck! Happy for joc!

Author — Jay Den


The ump was giving calls to the Dodgers all night and the announcers couldn’t shake their Dodger bias from their commentary but the Braves pulled off what nobody thought they would. The Braves got redemption for last years NLCS.

Author — Isaiah


Freddie's face at the end there made me nearly tear up. Well deserved, big man.

Author — Cosmicaustic


I will gladly trade an All Star Game for a World Series...

Author — Kenneth Bowman


It's been a good week. Astros win, and the Dodgers lose. Great job Braves! See you in the WS.

Author — LM-USMC


So glad they mentioned the infield defense. Hats off to Ron Washington, he has been a HUGE factor in how good they are with the glove.

Author — Ben Rogers


Thanks for the series, Dodgers. With all the roster losses y'all had y'all didn't go quietly. Maybe a postseason trilogy is on the horizon next year, who knows. Take care of yourselves. :)

Alrighty, Astros, time for us to duel. It's been awhile since we last met in postseason action; I still have that Chris Burke walkoff home run in the 18th inning of the '05 NLDS game 4 in my head. Let's make it a World Series to remember, shall we?! Good luck to y'all. :)

Author — Johnathan Patrick


As a Rangers and Braves fan, it's really nice to see my boy Ron Washington in the world series again🥲😭🥲😭

Author — Mason Brown