A Day In The Life Of A Pro Cyclist with AG2R La Mondiale

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

What happens in a typical day in the life of a Professional Cyclist? How much do they train? What do they do when they train? What do they eat? When do they eat it? Seeing the pros racing throughout the season certainly looks tough but what goes on behind the scenes to get them to that point? Mavic invited Ollie out to Spain to join Team AG2R La Mondiale and spend a day looking into the life of a Pro Cyclist.

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What's the hardest thing about being a Pro?

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💬 Comments

I love when Ollie presents, and does not take himself too seriously. Fun to watch.

Author — Tibor Schimek


Realistically, a rider like Oli would tear the legs off most of us casual GCN viewers. To watch him getting flogged by the pros really makes it clear just how wide the gulf is between a talented dedicated fit amateur, and a true pro athlete. 160km/4000m and they looked so casual at the rest stop, whereas most of us would be gasping and calling for an ambulance!!! Pro cycling is a brutal sport.

Author — Mububban23


Do you know what. I think GCN is one of the best things to happen to cycling.

Author — Christopher Jenkins


Let's hope Oliver can snatch a win this season. He's had so many close calls and deserves something.

Author — S S


Training ride: 160km and 4000m of climbing, sounds like a near death experience to me! #PrayForOllie

Author — oxymoron


I know what it's like to be overshadowed by pro cyclists... Me and my buddy were suffering on a steep climb, we were panting hard, then our local cycling group passed us, making it look like they were riding on the flat

Author — Someone Stupid


I take my casquette off to you Oli. It was very noble of you to stop when you did. It would be a poor etiquette to leave the pros behind on that climb! 🤣

Author — G Mac


So impressive! Ollie even staying with them for that long is awesome!

Author — Bruce Langsteiner


Ollie you've got a great ability to tackle something serious, with humour 😄

Author — Terry Hudson


Well done Ollie. You hung in with the pros a fair amount of time. Your training is paying off.

Author — TWROC96


Great insight into pro team training camp, well done Ollie 👍

Author — Stephen Reid


Great job Ollie. I'm glad you were taking it easy on the boys from AG2R, it wouldn't be good for them heading into the season knowing that a GCN presenter was dogging them on the climbs. Good job by you!

Author — Eddie Davidson


Ollie, great video. We saw what a great cyclist you were in your project 49 video. This video reminds us all of what it means to be truly elite. When a rider like you gets dropped on what a relatively "easy" ride is for a pro team, it really makes us realize how good these guys are and what it means to be elite. As I say, "there is always someone faster"
Thanks again



Really great filming. I always enjoy Ollie and his sense of humour. That said Oliver comes across as a really great guy with a great sense of humour. This is the umpteenth time I have returned to watch this
Keep this up GCN....

Author — Robert Chubb


Keep up the good work GCN! A great insight into the life of a pro

Author — Bazza Keegan2


This sound like amazing experience for Oli. So happy for him. Good training for his hour of power.

Author — Kai Mannig


Ollie wasnt coming from pro background but able to cling with pro for 3 hours with that route, I’m just impressed.

Author — akmal harry


GCN is amazing guy's, due to some financial issues I sold my bike couple of months, but it doesn't stop me from watching videos on this channel everyday, I like y'all job guys 🙏

Author — cliff Rick


Great insight Oli and well done for having a go, a real privilege to ride amongst those guys.

Author — The Blue Jersey


This was great! Ollie did a great job injecting some humor into that!

Author — JP H