Will It Protein Bar? Taste Test

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Will It Protein Bar? Taste Test 5

Today, we're asking the age old question.. Will It Protein Bar? GMM #1670

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💬 Comments

Next “Will It” should be Lasagna! Imagine the crazy layers of goodness or horror!

Author — Skyguy1944


I just had an idea: what if they did a “vs” of Will It. In this case it would be Poptart Protein Bar (Poptart made into a protein bar) vs Protein Bar Poptart (protein bar made into a Poptart).

Author — Gray Witch Corner


The way I've gauged how bad it really is, if...
A: Rhett gags
B: Link removes his glasses

Author — Anthony C


2014: *"Broccoli and Cheese: Will it Taco?"*

2020: *"IKEA: Will it Protein Bar?"*

2050: *"Empire State Building: Will it Gregorian Chant?"*

Author — Tigran Abgarjan


Can we just take a minute to give some credit to the art department because the packaging for the will it’s are always on point and awesome looking.

Author — Catherine Armstrong


I have never heard of “buca di beppo” before. I thought Rhett was trying to speak fake Italian....

Author — Laura Rose


Josh this whole episode: “This is the whey”

Author — Annyong Rings


"Well, it looks chocolatey."
"There seems to be some chocolate."
"Uhh, there is in fact no chocolate." 😂

Author — Tyler Davis


One of these days I want josh to make the “good” things gross and the “gross” things delicious. Just to mess with them.

Author — Jennifer Griel


I'm so delighted that Rhett has reached a point in his back health that he's not just doing damage control, he's actually building strength and wellness. Keep on Brother!

Author — Lou Stancu


Me *watching link food fall apart*


Me: *jumps* WTF 💀

Author — Big Zaddy Ella


The unanimous sigh from Rhett and Link when they were about to eat the deodorant protein bar... *perfect*

Author — Ethan Bradberry


You should do “will it health food” and make extremely healthy versions of typically unhealthy food. Or you could do the switch one where you make healthy food unhealthy and unhealthy food healthy!

Author — Jacky S


6:21 "It's literally like eating furniture." I think we've gotten to a point where nobody questions if they've done that before, because they probably have.

Author — Peter Eden Jr.


When you guys started yelling my cat looked genuinely concerned for you

Author — Shōyō Hinata


You know it’s bad when Rhett gags on something 😂

Author — Melli Ossa


You should definitely do a “which Girl Scout cookie is the best” like with the brackets

Author — Gianna B


I wonder how Rhett would look like if he used a hair straightener..

Author — Felix Karlsson


I think a good ear biscuit would be if they reminiced about the food épisodes and talked about some of the most memorable aftereffects. I've always been curious about how some things went.

Author — Saroyan Dynamite


"Why is mine so wet?!"
Because you're wearing a sweater in California.

Author — Ringneck Leather