Turbo 4 Rotor RX-7 SCREAMS on the Dyno | Mazzei Formula

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Turbo 4 Rotor RX-7 SCREAMS on the Dyno | Mazzei Formula 5

David stopped in to Abel's shop to get his 4 Rotor tuned. Listen to the difference from start to finish. You can really see how our builds contrast and benefit from working together to keep pistons out of RX-7 shells. Davids IG: mazzei_formula

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Man that turbo is bigger than my future lol

Author — Sullivan Hebel


I run the car maintenance Youtube channel in Korea. I'm always learning such a great ideas on your channel. I hope we have a chance to be together. Thank you.

Author — 자동차의 모든 것[ Car & Man ]


"Yea officer, totally stock from the factory"

Author — Eddy Yaeji


"Where do you want your exhaust?"
*fire out the back*
*fire out the side*
*fire out the hood*

Author — Kenshin Sengpaseuth


500+ Hp with only 7 PSi boost? You can tell immediately that’s a 1000 Hp car, easy.

Author — Pingandlucky


4:17 RIP to the guy being sucked in by turbo

Author — Jack Mehoff


Cop: Do you have any idea why i'd stop you?
Him: Because I let you.

Author — Radu Comanita


I am Japanese and I do not know English very much, but I used machine translation because I really wanted to comment. I am sorry if there is a sense of discomfort. This RX-7 is very cool! And when I saw the first backfire I was very surprised (laughs) and the unbelievable bass sound of the rotary engine's unique engine sound is so cool! The appearance of the car is also great! It is very well customized without losing the appearance of the RX-7, and it is clear that the owner takes great care of this car. I am studying English so I don't know much about it but I like cars very much! I am sorry for the long sentence

Author — 恭介


The idea that team Mazda can do 900hp with a 4 rotor in the 787b

With no turbo!

Imagine how They can push Its limits with a turbo.

Author — Dra Dikketrip


11:09-like when leaving garage in NFS))

Author — Андрей Петров


Captions from 0:05 just say "[Music]"

I see you are a client of culture as well, YouTube

Author — Sabba7h


It was nice to see that young lady working on the car. You don't see very much of that nowadays. Kudos to her.

Author — RakinBill


More and more i'm liking the lack of "the outro"

Author — John Wilson


Damn this is one of the best looking RX-7s I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful 😍

Author — Rez


F1 and 787B:
Who are you?
This modification:
*I am you, but stronger.*

Author — Branislav Radojević


11:15 looks like your in need for speed driving out if your garage hahah

Author — MOD


I'm watching this while waiting updates for the *billet 4 rotor*

Author — kyle velasquez


Cop: what's that silver thing on your hood eh?

Rx7: candies

Author — Clarenz


5:56 Granny shifting... not double clutchin like he should...

Author — appv12


Sounds like a freaken race sled
Might have to look into building one of these cars.

Author — Matt Tremblay