IYPT 2020 Problem 8 Soap Membrane Filter Demonstration

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This is a demonstration of IYPT 2020 Problem 8 Soap Membrane Filter

The sequence of our IYPT 2020 videos does NOT influence the problem selection of CaYPT 2020. Jim decides on the sequence of videos based on accessibility of material, viewer request and personal knowledge of these problems. The CaYPT 2020 problems will be selected by the Problem Selection Committee and may differ from the first ten IYPT 2020 videos release on the channel.

Filmed on the Sony RX100 V.
Background Grid Size: 1.00 cm, 2.54 cm
Slowmotion at 240fps, 480fps

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Media Recorded and Edited by: Jim Chen

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Can u please explain some reasons for this ...that how Heavy particles pass through and why light are retained? I need them asap

Author — Farrukh Rasheed