Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Full Match | Australian Open 2012 Final

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Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Full Match | Australian Open 2012 Final 5

Watch the full match between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in the final of the Australian Open 2012.

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Here after the Wimbledon 2019 Final. It's inhuman how this guy consistently clutches out tight matches.

Author — John Lee


i cant even lay around 6 hours without having to eat or something

Author — Moon L


Even though I’m from Spain and a huge Nadal supporter, I believe this is the best match ever. AMAZING

Author — Javier regalado Veiga


The greatest match in the history of this sport

Author — Rohit


AO 2012 final > Wimbledon 2019 final

Author — Blagoje R


My friend watched that final at Jahorina (mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina and famous ski center). He told me that literary no one was at the ski slope that morning.

Author — Ninoslav Radic


At the end of this, they couldn't even stand during the trophy presentation. The officials had to get them chairs and water bottles
28-25 Djokovic - Nadal rivalry as of now

Author — Vicky Gan


Anyone came here to watch the full 5 set match after the quick match of 2019?

Author — Sorrowful sheep


This Rafiole (Rafa-Nole) match is one of the greatest of all time and testimony to Novak's brilliance - it's right up there with Wimby 2008 Fed-Nadal where Nadal was brilliant beating Fed in that match. The Big 3 are a sight to behold each in their own ways.

Author — Robert Star


5:25:34 the shot that cost Nadal the title...

Author — Sylvio Alvares


This was the match that made me a Nole fan! It was just amazing to watch!

Author — mayapotz


In 2010s we had Ronaldo, Messi, Nadal and Djokovic . It will take a long time to see others like them .

Author — Kodoku Music


This was the first meeting between these 2 players for 2012, remember in 2011 Djokovic beats Nadal on 6 finals : Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, Rome, Wimbledon and US open...

Author — Toni Georg


Who else watch at home bcoz of covid19

Author — Ismail Bin Ibrahim


I am just starting to (re-)watch this. I expect the quarantine to be lifted by the time it's over.

Author — Arpan Ganguli


Listen to the commentary & Nadal won easily. Djokovic constantly in trouble. Yet he wins. Nothing changed since 2012 even though it’s clear that Djokovic is likely the most complete match player there’s been.
And Fred Stolle confirms his position as arguably the worst ex-pro commentator in recent history. About a Nadal groundstroke: “Look where it hit on the frame” and two seconds later the slow-mo repeat shows it coming off the center of the strings. Silence.

Author — Ubiquitary


anyone else get this recommended to them in july 2019?

Author — Tahmid Saleh Tennis Forum


Oh this is nice. And Jelena in that beautiful Blue dress, simply astounding beauty.

Author — J024


He has the generosity and patience to sign everything sent to him from the fans

Author — Saad Dilmohamud


I watched this match live and it was inanity... I love Djoko going super saiyan there at 6:06:08 . this really was around the time that Djoko solidified and showed that he was capable to be at the same level as Fed and Rafa ... this match is just insane man, best match ever 4 sure

Author — OriginalKarasu