Locarno and Ascona in the Ticino, Switzerland

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Locarno and Ascona in the Ticino, Switzerland 5

We're visiting the town of Locarno, a very pretty little resort town along the shores of Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland.
The old town has got an extensive arcade – lots of restaurants and ice cream shops, cafés and little stores to poke around in.
You can have some pizza, pasta, choose from a variety of delicious gelato flavors.
The food's Italian, they speak Italian and yet, yes we're in Switzerland.
The market sells all kinds of products, especially the local handmade crafted items. There is fabrics and products in wool, ceramics and wooden objects. You can find some wonderful local foods at the market like fresh cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and some of the vendors sell this secondhand merchandise like old CDs and books, and even music tapes and clothing can be found here. It's all very down to earth, very local. These are casual part-time vendors just selling their stuff.
We notice the paving and the piazza was smooth water-worn stones in various colors, really quite beautiful.
Locarno's old town goes for about six blocks by four blocks so it's not really huge, but it's big enough to enjoy a nice stroll and have a poke around in the art galleries and look in some of the antique stores.
Quite a few modern shop-fronts along with the mix.
And we're going to take a little trip over to the nearby village Ascona. Here too, you can go by boat from Locarno, or you can just take the city bus. It only takes about twelve minutes on the city bus to get over here to Ascona.
Like Locarno, this town has an Italian feeling to it even though we're still in Switzerland.
There really is something very special about this kind of waterfront where you don't have any cars. You've got the lakeside and you've got beautiful buildings with the restaurants and a broad area for pedestrian promenade, and trees and gardens. It seems so classic and typical of your imagination of the ideal waterfront village, but in reality you just don't run into it all that often. There is normally a road and cars or something in the way of it. Here it's all laid out in a perfect setting.
You can see how popular boating is here for fishing and pleasure craft and just cruising. For the visitor it's all part of the picturesque scenery.
We'll also take a bus ride and hike in the nearby valleys.

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This is very nostalgic to me! Great video ❤️💕

Author — Diana Ruiz


Danke Veil Mal that was beautiful Dennis, and i am looking to move there one day, not just see it i want to live it just as i did in Berlin, and thanks so much for a beautiful video.

Author — Eisen J Eisen


Great Video, thank you. Also a great series to watch.

Author — Kim Andrews


Loved your video. Could you please tell me where in Switzerland is the region in the train at 0:01?

Author — Pax Scuomo


I've watched them all, in Zurich, and Berne, Interlaken- very well done, Mr. Callan

Author — Mark O'Shea


All i can say is wow...
I will be there soon🇵🇭🛫🇨🇭

Author — Jhun Asdali


1:22 she is mother and daughter???
I guess she is married with a white man

Author — marvin silverman


@2:47 lol, old town locarno is not a Pedestrian zone only, its a pedestrian priority zone but cars can and will drive through

Author — smokinblu81


While it's true that Locarno has very sunny Mediterranean spring and summer weather (due mainly to the Lake micro-climate), it can get cold in winter. It usually snows every year, with the most typically in January with an average of 18 cm. for the month. I remember it snowing anytime from November to March, with a very rare April dusting.

Author — arichis


Multe della polizia e divieti di orari chiusura garden, moon and star gestito da tedeschi nonché mancanza di posti di lavoro. Bellissima locarno

Author — 4 Cerchi