The Great Leap Forward (1958-62)

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The Great Leap Forward (1958-62) 5

Land reform, where estates had been taken from rich landowners and redistributed to the peasants had taken place shortly after the communists had come to power.
Collectivisation, where peasants lost their own pieces of land and instead worked for wages on land owned by the state had also begun to take place.

Mao believed this was not enough to expand both agricultural and industrial production and instead introduced the second five-year plan in 1958.
This would become known as the ‘Great Leap Forward’.

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Tombstone. The Untold story of Mao’s Great Famine.
By Yang Jisheng.

Red Inc.: Dictatorship and the Development of Capitalism in China, 1949-2009
By Robert K. Schaeffer

Socialism in China (1919-1965)
By Yu Youjun

Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62
By Frank Dikötter

The Great Famine in China, 1958-1962: A Documentary History

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When people say Hitler and Stalin killed the most...

Remember there's always an asian better than you

Author — Jeb Von Bismarck


As the old joke states: "Put a Communist in charge of a desert and eventually you run out of sand."

Author — no2party


Mao is still considered as a hero... let that sink in...

Author — That Person


Chinese civilians: Thank god we survived the Japanese invasion

Mao: You spoke too soon

Author — James 5373


When you have no idea wtf you're doing in Civilization 5.

Author — cloud ix


I still remember my History teacher saying "Great Leap Forward, more like a giant step back." She was right.

Author — I Am MadMan Of IIxMadManxIIMedia!


"We got a plan to modernize China. It's call The Great Leap Forward." - China 1958

"Nothing is going on in Tiananmen Square." - China 1989

"There is no protesting in Hong Kong. Who ever says otherwise is a liar, and should watch...I am will probably disappear....I mean will go on a long vacation." -China 2019

"There is this virus. That is in no way deadly to anyone." -China 2020

Author — Frist Name Last Name


"Black humor is like communist food."
"I don't get it."

Author — Akuinator


*Mao* : I kill more people than both of you, why history giving you 2 a credit
*Hitler and Stalin* : Do you got a cool mustache
*Mao* : *Cries in Chinese*

Author — Marcus Malixi


“Did you ever hear the Tragedy of the Great Leap Forward?”
“It’s not a story the Chinese government would tell you.”

Author — Joseph B.


*_"But that wasn't real communism"_*

Author — OSUNA


Its funny to see "it wasn't 70 million that died, it was 30-40 million!!" Oh ya, it's okay as long as the millions dead dont reach a certain clueless lol

Author — Jackson Q


Diane Abbott: “MaO DId moRe GOOd thaN HaRm”

Author — VTxHawkz


Even Stalin said Mao was out of control and that's coming from a madman.

Author — Mitjitsu


typical of communist cancer, they invent goals based on calculations of bureaucrats who have never been on a real farm, they put people with political conections in charge without any technical competence in the area... simply a sea of bureaucracy, corruption and poverty,
I live in the third world, and I see firsthand the consequences of this type of ideas,
it is sad to see people from developed countries who have never gone hungry in life because of these policies defending this ideology.

Author — Alis Fur


it is such shame that the average leftist has absolutely no clue on how "well" that ideology has worked out anywhere on this globe.

Author — Iivari Lappalainen


“Some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make”

Author — Viewer


I live in Shanghai and asked Xiaomi's version of Alexa "What is the Great Leap Forward?" To which she replied, "let's talk about something else." LOL...

Author — Jay Gucker


I have parents and grandparents that survived the Great Leap Forward. Basically, they had almost nothing to eat. Meat was non-existent and only ate low-quality vegetables. My grandfather on my mom's side was sent to a "reformation" camp for a while and really didn't tell how much he much abuse he endured. My grand-uncle on my dad's side was a jerk for being highly prominent and highly convicted to the Communist party while leaving his family to starve in the countryside. Although he passed away, my dad's father lived a happy life, more so than his brother.
To this day, my parents have an absolute hatred for socialism.

Author — BHuang92


"rEal ComMuNIsm hAsnT BeN TrIeD Yet"

Author — Kansaspartan762