The Great Leap Forward (1958-62)

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The Great Leap Forward (1958-62) 5

Land reform, where estates had been taken from rich landowners and redistributed to the peasants had taken place shortly after the communists had come to power.
Collectivisation, where peasants lost their own pieces of land and instead worked for wages on land owned by the state had also begun to take place.

Mao believed this was not enough to expand both agricultural and industrial production and instead introduced the second five-year plan in 1958.
This would become known as the ‘Great Leap Forward’.

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Tombstone. The Untold story of Mao’s Great Famine.
By Yang Jisheng.

Red Inc.: Dictatorship and the Development of Capitalism in China, 1949-2009
By Robert K. Schaeffer

Socialism in China (1919-1965)
By Yu Youjun

Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62
By Frank Dikötter

The Great Famine in China, 1958-1962: A Documentary History

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When people say Hitler and Stalin killed the most...

Remember there's always an asian better than you

Author — Chef Boyardee


“Did you ever hear the Tragedy of the Great Leap Forward?”
“It’s not a story the Chinese government would tell you.”

Author — Histocrat 641402


As the old joke states: "Put a Communist in charge of a desert and eventually you run out of sand."

Author — no2party


One of Mao's biographers said of him: "Had he died in 1958, he would have been considered a great man. Had he died in 1968, he would have been considered a flawed man. But since he died in 1976..."

Author — Ian Finrir


What is common among communist countries ?

Millions dead from famine

Author — Walker


“Some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make”

Author — Viewer


"Black humor is like communist food."
"I don't get it."

Author — Akuinator


"Communism works!"
*everyone dies*

Author — hahhuli


More accurately: "The Great Leap Backwards".

Author — Bangs Cutter


"Sell the rice!"
"But, sir...."
"Just do it!"

Author — BG9


*chinese starving to death*
Soviets: first time?

This is just a joke :/

Author — Mr. WhyNot


"Chairman Mao did more good than harm" - UK Labour MP, Dianne Abbott. Jesus.

Author — MrKunt


Great Leap Forward in a nutshell: China takes a huge leap!

Into a long hole of starvation and depression

Author — Joseph Stalin


“Many Commies were concerned that the general population would lose any motivation to work harder due to zero incentives”

That right there is one of the main cruxes of how Communism will never work.

Author — Shrimp


Mao : Wanna hear a
Peasants : Yea sure
Mao : Private Property!
Peasants : We don't get it....
Mao : *EXACTLY!* :-)

Author — Soviet Marshal


Chinese farmers: kill sparrows
Crickets: Hippity hoppity, your food is our property.

Author — Roope Rontu


“Communism will work this time.” - someone who has never experienced communism

Author — Alex Barron


Hey it's ok, that was not "real" communism. Real communism would kill even more.

Author — dingo23451


**30 million people starve**

Mao: Communism has been achieved!

His successor: L-mao! How about we become state Capitalist?

Author — Typed Scroll


Literally Nobody:
Mao: K i'm gonna kill 50 million people real quick.

Author — LeavesUselessComments