This just might be the BEST 12ga. Slug we've tested!

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

In this video we test the Russian Twister 6 slug sent in by Psycho Klown. We used "midi-shells" which are slightly shorter than a 2 3/4" shell, which gives just a little more capacity in the tube. Instead of driving these at high velocities, we show how impressive these perform at even sub-sonic speeds. It isn't often our own tests impress me.

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The fact it didn't hit the pork shoulder exactly square but still fragmented and did that much damage at subsonic speeds is extremely impressive...

Author — Richard Cranium


Jeff and Danny, when I first discovered these Russian slugs I knew that there was no comparison to other factory offers, the performance and accuracy can't be beaten, , here is the kicker, you can make as many as you want and at a cost that is a fraction of store-bought ammo. Danny said what I said years ago, the mother of all invention is a necessity. -Dave

Author — Thor's Axe


Love the content and " humor ". Minimal penetration but a lot of energy. Iv heard this before.

Author — Ryan Smiley


The slow mo guys should definitely come onto this show

Author — Kris Mccrackin


You guys are some of my favorite knuckleheads on YouTube.

Author — PsychoticBovine


That was an impressive round. Any idea how it would perform without the wading attached? Buffalo outdoors is definitely one of the nicest people on YouTube. He has a really good channel also.

Author — Paul Stan


They have been for sale mold wise on evilbay for years, been using their Russian tailwad mold and they are the best slugs I have ever shot.



4:50 Holy hell! Look at the energy left in that slug after passing through Kevlar and the dummy. It hit that dirt hard! These may not be what you want for home defense. They may go through a wall or ten after passing through the bad guy😬
Edit: I guess the trick is to load them subsonic. That is a hell of a round.

Author — Numb Nutz


"Turn it into ballistic gummy bears or heads"
Or the old reliable "Ballistic Booger© (a Taofledermaus Brand".
I remember watching that old thing bounce and wriggle in abominable fashions, writhing like Yog Sothoth in the afternoon sun.

Author — Brent Keller


This is gonna be really good, that was a very impressive slug, and buffaloe’s outdoors is an awesome channel

Author — Leverguns 50


It would be interesting to see how they preform loaded in a mini shell.

Author — Ziegen Arty


This is the slug of Prince A. A. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov, invented by him earlier in 1912 for hunting a bear with a shotgun. In Russia, this is a very well-known slug, everyone calls it abbreviated - "She-Sha".

Author — Игорь Чурсанов


Great accuracy, tons of power, great fragmentation... that’s a great round!

Author — Cranky Gun Reviews


That’s an impressive slug. Also good shooting Danny.

Author — Buffalo's Outdoors


What great work by PK, You and Mr Dead Eye Danny.

Probably doesn't get said a lot but I really appreciate the amount of respect everyone involved with this channel has for the guns and I think it should be noted for the record.

And how rare is that for you to ask supporters to back off a bit and grow the community!

You guys represent Cali and Guns like True Champions.

Author — Laughing Dog


It always amazes me what happens to the gel in that split second when the round hits it.

Author — Travelor


Danny doesn't need a red dot, he's like The Terminator his eyes are the red dot.

Author — Barrandill T'Anathlas


Those rounds are something else!
I sure wouldn't want to get hit by one.

Author — Super Geek


Damn, that's pretty impressive. It's going to be hard to top this one's performance. I don't remember if you've done a top ten list or not Jeff but I'd put this one at the top or at least in high contention for it.

Author — gotindrachenhart


Definitely an awesome slug. Good to know it works at many velocities and without stabilization

Author — Jeff Huntley