Which is better: Soap or hand sanitizer? - Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson

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Which is better: Soap or hand sanitizer? - Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson 5

Dig into the science of how soap breaks down a coronavirus, and the effectiveness of hand sanitizer against a viral outbreak.


Your hands, up close, are anything but smooth. With peaks and valleys, folds and rifts, there are plenty of hiding places for a virus to stick. If you then touch your face, the virus can infect you. But there are two extraordinarily simple ways you can keep that from happening: soap and water, and hand sanitizer. So which is better? Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson investigate.

Lesson by Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson, directed by Artrake Studio.

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Okay everyone, this is the final straw, even an animated character is wearing a mask, why aren't you?

Author — Warren Keystone


You know it’s serious when the ted Ed guy wears a mask

Author — Joe Alanson


I cant explain it but these visuals are really satisfying especially when the virus breaks apart and when it collapses.

Author — Ebony Maw_24


The next generation would probably live with a mask on thinking ‘Mouth’ is now a private part

Author — 10k subs without any videos challenge


Soap: Hey Coronavirus wanna get teared?
Coronavirus: SOAP IS OUR VIRUS

Author — Feather Ink


*Roses are red, *
*Violets are blue, *
*I’m self isolating, *
*And you should too.*

Author — 「 BlueberryCheesePie 」


They don't like eachother but they both hate Coronavirus

Author — Nobody Likes A Pandemic


You: I don’t have the virus!
Corona: *plays coffin dance*

Author — Tonpo Regents


SARS? More like, These viruses are going to FARS and we will be moving to MARS

Author — 『S t e p h y_A r t z』


Teacher: Why are you late?

Me: Well, I saw this weird soap thing with red hair and an orange outfit and mask and and it was flying and it looked super cool.


Author — ꧁ Møcha Tea ꧂


“Happy birth-
I don’t think we have the copyright on that”
***proceeds to make a Mortal Kombat reference***

Author — EchoTempo


4:06 looking at the guy who's travelling
Me: Jealous

Author — TLS Rocketry


"What nice clean hands you have"
Thank you

Author — paper machete


I lost it when the person in the intro was wearing a mask 😂😂

Author — Michelle Zhou


*Covid-19 pandemic starts*
TED-Ed: (Puts a face mask on the intro)

Author — DDPDC Random


The soap-zero scene at the end is absolute gold.
oh my god, TED-ED hearted my comment
TED-ED keep up the good art and work



I have one question - what was going on at the end when he was washing his hands? TED-Ed explain. iM wAiTiNg!

Author — Meme Master


I was laughing like my life depended on it during the intro.

Author — Micklepikle


Sanitizer: I’m more affective against Coronavirus
Soap: Oh no I said too much the bath overflowed
Sanitizer: Don’t you dare Sing SOAP

Author — RICARDO Lozano


AWWW, Just noticed, the ted ed guy in the beginning is wearing a mask!!, Cute and Cool

Author — KS Legend