Ecuador Cost of Living for Two American Expats (2020)

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Ecuador Cost of Living for Two American Expats (2020) 5

We haven't noticed any major price increases or inflation in Ecuador before, during or after the quarantine. Some of our expenses went up while others went down, which we explain in detail in our blog post.

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Oh, i love my beautiful Ecuador, we as ecuadorians dont really appreciate how fortunate we are despite everything. Love your videos ♥️🥰

Author — Ángeles


$193.00 for eating out 9 TIMES for a party of 2? That’s one dinner night here in NYC....outside! LOL

Author — Juan Sarmiento


I have a farm and a ranch here in Ecuador. Rural living in Ecuador is even less expensive. Our expenses for a family of 4 are less than $150 a month. Property taxes are almost nothing and we get to live in one of the most biodiverse and beautiful places on the planet. Intag! After more than 20 years living in Ecuador, I can't imagine ever going back to the states to live.

Author — hiindandes


No, you don't live in a condo ... you live in a palace. That palace looks so nice, like super-expensive US suburbia (where you would pay $2k a month).

Author — boink800


I lived as an expat in a few countries and what I learned was that fees for locals were different then outsiders. I found out that I was paying more for the same lifestyle then some of my local friends. Don’t be afraid to ask and do research and negotiate everything.

Author — talking bird


Hola, Amelia and JP. I just found your channel, and I've been watching all your videos 😄 You guys are amazing. Ecuador is a very safe and friendly country. I'm Ecuadorian. I hope you guys stay here forever. ❤❤❤

Author — Hendry S


Thanks for the breakdown on the budget.

Author — Andy


I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Miranda. He seemed like a nice caring person.

Author — Dodger Blue


The best are you both, every day are younger and younger. Yes Ecuador is wonderful.
Thank you for your videos.
In Ecuador if you want to work, every time you can live good, perhaps no than an millioner, but you can live good. Remember the sun is the best wealth of our country. You do not need expensive dress. You do not need heating. In Ecuador is easier to live.
Thank you.

Author — CVC


I'm with you Amelia, less is more! 😉

Author — Vegan Soul Mama


I heard Loja has nice weather all year round. Not too hot or cold.

Author — Jim Hanbury


$700 per month for a 3+1 house that includes fiber optic internet... Wow!

Author — Zenas Starchild


Only reason its 700$ cause its near beach and pretty big..

Author — fernando camacho


Thailand has been my choice for years. I've been thinking about Ecuador lately. Thanks for the great video.

Author — bugeater38


I hope next year my dream come true . Sale my house in USA 🇺🇸 and move to beautiful. Country 👍

Author — P B


Greetings, J.P. and Amelia. I hope you're not overselling Ecuador. We will have to build a wall, haha!



I lived in Baños, Ecuador for 3 years, had a one bedroom furnished apartment including TV, wifi, internet. Total expenses per month $700, food, medical insurance, local fruit and veggies. Great folks, you can live cheap in Ecuador.

Author — Michael Henderson


Thank you both for keeping us so well informed. Can’t wait to start our expat adventures in a few years. You’ve made Ecuador a top contender for us.

Author — stewpa


You know why I clicked and I do too. You're looking good!

Author — Crazy Horse


Love hearing all the financial details, and how you prioritize your health and enjoyment with things like private yoga, Spanish lessons, eating out, cleaning help ... and WINE!!

Author — Gee Whiz