Street BMX Game of Bike: Billy Perry vs Jake Layton

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

I challenged Jake Layton to a Game of BIKE but instead of doing it at a skatepark, we took it to the streets of New York City to make it more interesting. We hit the best spots in downtown NYC for a very close and technical game. Follow us on instagram @BillyPerry631, @Jakesterboii and subscribe @Billy Perry

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💬 Comments

Can anyone count how many times “BOP” was said in this vid? 🤔

Author — Billy Perry


Hey Billy you know when the frame bags might be coming back in stock and great vids love the game of bike videos

Author — Matthew Turco


Hey billy, can you maybe make some Gopro videos again where you cruise around the city doing amazing tricks while we see how it looks from your angle! It was so fun to watch, it's been a while since you've done one.

Author — Reno_bmx


My name is João🇧🇷 Parabéns Billy você anda muito várias manobras radicais eu gosto muito já assisti varios clips seu Billy você é muito bom nas manobras eu gosto muito desse estilo gringo e eu adimiro muito quem faz manobras mais não sei andar muito meu sonho é ter uma bmx dessas

Author — Eduardo Batista


Jake pulling the urban turban. Iconic!

Author — Jim Speir


If Jake stop saying "Boooop" I will buy lottery tickets

Author — Alexander Shevchenko


nice vid man always love watchin you ride

Author — Mason Forbes


I love Jake. Amazing spirit and hilarious antics.

Author — Chris V


Let’s go I’m always down for a good game of Bike.

Author — corey gregory


Yoo i used to watch u when i was little glad i found ur account again ur a legend keep it up man

Author — Imaliquidnut


i love how jake has an ankle monitor lmao

Author — tactical_taco 32


How come in the beginning when the rules are being explained, Jakesterboii is looking around constantly the whole time like his PO's looking for him 🤔😂

Author — Tim Wilson


Long ass pegs; no wonder made that ice pick look so ez on that ac unit 😂

Author — Ryan Blessed


Why does billy and jake never collab with 🅱️onzi for a long time? They funny af

Author — Arabano


Banger of a vid! Love from London, UK

Author — Mrotfl


My fav bmxer!! Billy Perry always coming out with the rad vids! How we get your FTL/MERRIT BARS? Not able to find them!!😆👍🏼

Author — CREEPER


Jake looks so fucking awkward at the beginning just standing there😂

Author — Yourfavoritefatwhite Guy


Why is Jake flexing an ankle monitor though?

Author — Lawrence


Great street comp unlucky jakester bop, look forward to a park comp 👍

Author — BEACH LIFE78


Billy your vid are the best keep up the good work bro

Author — Myles Regnier