2015 Cadillac Escalade Off-Road Review: Slade Finally Gets Dirt Under the Nails

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

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This is literally the only video I've watched on YouTube that shows a Cadillac Escalade driving off-road. Appreciate it for bothering to even attempt it, and thanks for uploading.

Author — AWDfreak


I love the new escalade. I've always loved them. Has TFL ever considered reviewing a Nissan Xterra? I drive a 2006 and it is a very very impressive SUV.

Author — Nick Gennari


it sounds really nice! love that it has a great big v8 =D

Author — the pizza devil


Great video, gorgeous Cadillac Escalade!! I agree, the Escalade does have the best interior in its class!!

Author — Ryan’s Rides


I have to say. That was a great and honest review.

Author — 4dzone


"What kind of person takes a 90K vehicle off road? That's why we don't take them off road." Was the answer given to me when I asked why you didn't take the LX570 off road. Now you take a different 90K vehicle off road.

Author — David Scott


Thanks for the video Nathan.
Just curious, which do you think if the best combination "off road/luxury" vehicle?
I heard some say the Lexus LX 570 and others like the Lincoln Navigator.
Your thoughts?

Author — 55Herbie1


It's 2018 and honestly I think I would still believe it's a latest model if it was placed in a showroom.

Author — Vertice


it looks good off road that's probably the first one that's ever been on the dirt



Wouldn't expect anyone from TFL to stoop to the low level of saying CUE is confusing. My ten year old daughter can operate CUE. Yes, it's a pinch "laggy" in the 2014 CTS but she can operate it fine. CUE 2.0 rolling out in 2016 Caddy's have addressed this issue but anyway, once you get it through your thick head that it's not an iPad it's pretty elementary to use/operate.

#Btw I never call you guys on BS but the end cap where the dash meets the door on the Escalade was a big portion they paid attention to (according to Cadillac designers). I've personally tapped all over the new Escalade's interior and didn't find what you found.

Author — Chef CJ Nobles


The Range Rover is the better bet for off-roading, but if you want to make a presence pulling up somewhere, go for the Escalade, it looks great in the front.

Author — Will Thibault


honestly what gain will you get with the chin spoiler? I took it off my old silverado and still got the same MPG. It looked a little higher too.

Author — bmwmsport11


What do you guys think about the third row seats in the Navigator L & The Escalade ESV? Is the newer escalade worth the trade off for the more legroom in the lincoln?

Author — Elpacto16


So basically its a very nice comfortable and powerful family hauler that would be good for long trips. Plus I guess it would be good in snow and able to handle a somewhat rough country road?

Author — T Ritchie


Great review, but it amounts to a one-night stand. What's the reliability like? How much time is this thing going to spend in my garage compared to the dealer's garage?

Author — Demont Washington


Love the escalade for sure, but just like the guy mentioned, the wheels alone are as much as his freaking mortgage. I'll take a Suburban with the same passenger capacity and comfort plus a camaro rather then one escalade that you would be too scared to take offroading during camp anyway.

Author — Gray Fullbuster


Good video, but I just wish they told us how big those wheels are... What are those, 22s? Surprised they didn't mention it.

Author — Sleepy Panda


A lift kit would look nice on that caddie

Author — 1ss2017garage


In your 0-60mph video you guys said it was 14mpg city. Not 15... Did it somehow get more fuel efficient?

Author — CanadianCyclist


Dear Cadillac: How hard would it be to design a power retractable chin-spoiler & rear valence, tying it into the trans selector so your approach AND departure angles increase into truly useful ranges ???? A true no-brainer Cadillac!

Author — Ricardo Ellison