Making transparent wood

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Making transparent wood 5

This is probably the longest video that I've ever posted on my channel, but I wanted it to be as complete as possible!

A few months ago, I saw a video made by AvE where he tried to make transparent wood. After seeing it, I was really interested in trying it out for myself, and well, I did.

This video was originally released on Patreon on Nov. 10, before I left to Japan for vacation. I will be back on the 23rd though!



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You can tell he's a brilliant chemist by the way he used the table saw.

Author — KL Tree Services


My high school woodshop instructor: Never cut against the grain!
NileRed: I'm cutting against the grain with just my right hand

Author — Kaos1382


NileRed: Dark solution, almost looks like Coke or Pepsi
Me: ROOT beer.

Author — Shaun Polarek


27:20 "In the end I kinda just said 'screw it' and poured in a bunch of bleach"


Author — Cetchupboys


Making transparent wood:
- So you basically have to throw a lot of chemicals on a piece of wood until it dissolves and you put epoxy on it, and you end up with a piece of transparent epoxy where once there was wood.

Author — Artie Barth


You: dark solution, that allmost looks like coke or pepsi
Me: t r e e j u i c e

Author — CMDR Jack Spacecat


him: big brainy words

me: w i g g l y w o o d

Author — Nyatalie


28:32 I love how casually you say “this ends up forming some chloroform”

Author — Monty Moth


"However, it did work fairly well as a nasty overgrown thumbnail."

Author — Nicholas Abenroth


"Making transparent wood"

Me: *Thin Paper*

Author — scratch2430


“We have to remove the ligma and replace it with epoxy”
“You mean lignin?”
“No, we have to get the ligma out first”
“What’s ligma?”
**maniacally laughing**

Author — Mexgar


"so I asked my dad for help" story of all of our lives

Author — Nithin Danday


Imagine buying glasses and finding out they're made out of wood.

Author — attack helicopter Texas ranger


you just discovered a market for artificial nails made from transparent wood

Author — Solanuma


humans after 5000 years: aliens did it.

Author — Muhammad Junaid Ashraf


You: dark pieces of treated wood
Me: c h o c o l a t e

Author — Imma Savage


I'd love to see a redo on this project, and you could work with Peter Brown, who knows a LOT about resin, and maybe your combined knowledge could make something amazing!

Author — TanK Stavin


"So, what are you gonna make for your school project?"
*"Transparent Wood."*

Author — Archant


there is not a single use of the tablesaw in this video that doesnt make me want to die

Author — Crash


2:26 grabbing the cut piece while the taBLE SAW IS STILL ON you’re giving me anxiety

Author — Beth B