Making transparent wood

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Making transparent wood 5
This is probably the longest video that I've ever posted on my channel, but I wanted it to be as complete as possible!

A few months ago, I saw a video made by AvE where he tried to make transparent wood. After seeing it, I was really interested in trying it out for myself, and well, I did.

This video was originally released on Patreon on Nov. 10, before I left to Japan for vacation. I will be back on the 23rd though!


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you just discovered a market for artificial nails made from transparent wood

Author — Solanuma


I was just wondering

Why the hell is there an instruction sheet on making transparent wood

Author — Emerald Bros


"So, what are you gonna make for your school project?"
*"Transparent Wood."*

Author — Archant


Me before watching video:
*Has no intellectual*
Me after video:
*Many smarts*

Author — Gay Frog


"I'm really interested in making some paper."
Feeling you.

Author — Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas


this is why its important to highlight all of your steps and procedures when writing a paper. When others try to replicate your procedure, they wont be as lost as this.

Author — Nisarg Patel


Source: the paper

Seems good to me

Author — PlebBora


1:06 * slams paper on table * *i aLsO fOuNd a CoMpLeTe cOpY oF tHe pApEr*

Author — hyuubes


"This was probably a mistake" - NileRed

Author — ElvanLady


1999: *we are gonna have flying cars in 2019*

2019: *making transparent wood*

Author — Ayaan Vlogz


Next goal: Make a transparent wood magnifying glass to focus sunlight though to catch other wood on fire.

Author — Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -


I’m never going to make transparent wood in my life and I’m about sure I’ll never need to know how to make it. But here I am, at 1AM watching all 35 min & 49 sec of a video on how to

Author — Bennett Solay


Next video:
I compiled all the gold from the remaining transparent wood

Author — GamerJELL


"I'm really interested in making some paper"

Me too Nile, me too.

Author — Alexander Nilsson


A thirty-five minute video, christmas is early this year.

Author — Right Clicker


I am mildly concerned about the marketing and hype of "transparent wood" for stronger, environmentally friendly glass or plastic, such as a future replacement for windows. It is stated as biodegradable (at least much more so than plastics), even though a fairly good percentage of it is epoxy. Not to mention that the amount of effort and resources needed may outweigh the energy efficiency or carbon footprint of production, or the price point for consumers. Newer updates are claiming versions that can store and release heat by fogging up.

I think someone should probably review these sources for the actual economic feasibility and environmental impact of this material before the hype comes back to bite us...

Author — MrSonny6155


I think you should cut them slower with a finer blade so u Don't "smash the tubes shut"

Author — Andrehh89


2:13 the way you grab the wood with the running saw gives me chills

Author — MeKillYouTo


I cant believe i watched 35 minutes of this, and i didn't even felt it because it was so interesting

Author — Diana Lopez


The way you used that table saw gave me crazy anxiety

Author — Xephyr