US Marines rush to plane crash to rescue survivors

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US Marines rush to plane crash to rescue survivors 4.5
PASSENGERS on board a plane which crashed into a lagoon in Micronesia today have praised the “awesome” response by the heroic fisherman who saved them.

Locals in boats rushed to rescue the dozens of people on the Boeing 737 when it plunged into waters near Chuuk International Airport at 9.30am local time this morning.

Officials confirmed the aircraft - which was making a scheduled stop en route to Papa New Guinea - overshot the runway and crashed into the water off the tiny island of Weno.

Dramatic pictures from the scene showed boats surrounding the submerged aircraft as a rescue mission got underway.

All 47 passengers and crew survived the crash while seven people were taken to a hospital, according to officials, including one described as being in critical but stable condition.

Passenger Bill Jaynes said the Air Niugini plane came in very low as it was attempting to land but heaped praise on the locals who led the rescue effort.

He said: "I was really impressed with the locals who immediately started coming out in boats.

"One would think that they might be afraid to approach a plane that's just crashed.

“They were awesome and I was really impressed with their whole response.”

Describing the crash, he said: I thought we landed hard. Until I looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water was coming in.

“And I thought, well, this is not the way it's supposed to happen."

Jaynes said the flight attendants were panicking and yelling, and that he suffered a minor head injury.

He said he called his wife, who started crying.

The sequence of events remains unclear. The airline said the plane landed short of the runway.

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Author — The Sun


Imagine being in that situation and you hear we are United States Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, think how much better you would feel instantly.

Author — Ron Hickey


That pilot did an amazing job getting the plane where it ended up.

Author — Qilt


Don’t give the camera to Carl next time.

Author — REAl REAction


Can we Just Appreciate how beautiful the plane was landed <3



Proud of you marines. God Blessed Americans!

Author — G Miller


Pilot did a great job landing that on the belly of the plane. If the plane went head first it would be gone

Author — Conor Brown


I’d like to thank this camera guy for giving us viewers a somewhat detailed look at this situation. Much rather this than some news station most likely changing how it was.

Author — Arthen


Didn’t it seem a bit empty in there? Where’s everyone?
Also the pilot needs a gold medal for that landing...🙃

Author — Miami Salad


Great job guys! I know not to board air Niugini 😉

Author — da11king


sp horrifying to see how that the plane was sinking slowly slowly into the water nothing is bigger then mother nautre

Author — Raman sharma


As a flight attendant, this video makes me very emotional. Every cabin crews worst fear..

Author — Rachieable


انا مش صعبان علييا غير ان الواحد يخش ع التعليقات ميلاقيش كومنت باللغه العربيه وعشان هيك انا كتبتلكم ههههههههههه
العربي الأصيل من الذكر والأنثى يدوس لايك

Author — محمود حجازى


When you put go pro on fidget spinner 1:11

Author — Bored


Посадить самолёт на воду ещё не каждый пилот сможет

Author — Лесничий 34 Регион


And THIS is who we are SUPPOSE to Much respect ❤

Author — Alicia Renouf


If you know what it takes to save lives. Give pop ups, kudos pilot and marine rescue team

Author — Don Bright


Real title is local fishermen helping passengers while us marine record everything with his cell phone

Author — zoom



Author — I can see her kidneys


Luckily they ended up in some what shallow water.

Author — Chris O.