My First Train Journey Post Lockdown

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My First Train Journey Post Lockdown 4.5

The Quint took a train from New Delhi to Agra to give a sense of how rail journeys will be post lockdown

Video: The Quint
Music: Big Bang Fuzz

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💬 Comments on the video

The biggest problem of Indians is Indians themselves. No one follows rule.

Author — Aryant Yadav


1:05 The Quint you should not show someone's Aadhar Card number publicly.

Author — Rahil Parvez


He just don't care about the world, COVID-19, the pandemic..well because he is a PRO PUBG PLAYER..!! 😆

Author — Subhajit Routh


Kudos to the needs guta to make a ground report in this kind of situation.

Author — Saranga Baishya


0:05 *was about to hold that but suddenly realize about Corona* 😄

Author — Mr 10zin


The irony is the quint reporter didn't maintain social distancing while talking to the person at ticket counter 😂😂

Author — arpit gagrani


Feels so good hearing of railways announcement after a long time of lockdown

Author — Azam Mohd


We genuinely need ground footage and that too unbiased! y'all are doing an awesome job! all my support with you and The Quint!

Author — Shelley Trivedi


I really like how well spoken the person was at ticket counter. He kept his cool and explained the whole scenario. They are the ones who often face wrath of the wrong decisions made by govt.

Author — Rishab Gupta


You spend to those people who wanted to go home you should buy ticket for them instead of shooting a film how the train looking in covid 19...

Author — sebi khan


Thanks to quint n some others that ground reporting is still alive in India. These reports inform the viewer so well..

Author — Prema Singh


DEAR Mam, Are you under home quarantine after reaching your destination.

Author — Rajat Chauhan


With the population of india being so much how can the trains give seats to everybody. Have population control otherwise after sometime in india people will be eating one another.

Author — DEV MALL


An app will keep you safe thats a perfect failure...

Author — Karan Nath


my mom is travelling today and it's kind a nice to see you guys are reporting on ground level. Giving all the details and peace of mind 🙏 👍



When will a poor man can live freely in this capitalistic and opportunistic world.Sad for those poor, helpless people.

Author — Sriram Sundara


That music.. I love train travel.. Flights are so boring.. 😄👍

Author — Utkarsh Pandey


The AC compartments seemed empty but still they won’t allow poor civilians to board to travel back to safety. Capitalism doesn’t care about Humanity or unaware of general human empathy..

Author — Muhammad Farhan Abbasi


Good.. hope everything will get better soon..

Author — Sonal Dubey


I wish trains stay clean and less crowded like this one, forever

Author — Shiva harsha