25 Minute Climbers Mobility Routine (FOLLOW ALONG)

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This video shares a short flexibility routine for climbers with stretches and exercise to improve shoulder, overhead, chest, hip and hamstring mobility.


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What’s up warriors?! This is one of the most requested sports specific follow alongs so I hope all you climbers out there enjoy. If you have any requests, feel free to leave them below 🤙

Author — Tom Merrick


I'm a climber and have been using your channel for about 6 months now. Primarily for accessory mobility/flexibility work. Thanks to you I finally feel like I'm really using my hips and glutes on the wall properly, and my shoulders feel healthier than they ever have! Thanks for this one and keep up the good work man! 🤙

Author — Jonny M


Yay, this is the one I’ve been looking forward to the most. Perfect for climbers and no excuses now to work on our flexibility whilst we can’t get out on the rock. Thanks so much.

Author — Tracey Edwards


Since I am a climber my shoulders are pretty tight. I reckon these stretches will also help with my handstand progress. Thanks, just what I needed!

Author — Milou


I’m not a climber, but I thought I’d follow along with this one to see if any stretches really worked for my body, and holy moly that one in the frog position with one leg out... Wow. Definitely adopting that one into whatever routine I do each day!

Author — decclz


Climber here, originally found and started following your channel to supplement my climbing with daily flexibility routines. Awesome to see one targeted specifically at climbers. Very good workout overall, one addition I would have is ankle flexibility, it can be super important for dropping your heel to get more of your shoe's surface area on large, slippery holds. Definitely hip flexibility is too priority though, and shoulders and wrists are super important as well.

Author — Cody Heiner


Love the routines Tom, been a huge fan for nearly a year now with you being the main guy I watch.

I was wondering if you could do some sort of playlist showing all the different stages/ levels of flexibility/ mobility. This way we could compare to see if we would still be classed as beginner, intermediate or advanced etc

Author — Matthew Howarth


As a quarantined climber this is still deeply appreciated, those wrist stretches were great!

Author — aviv avidan


Hi Tom! This was great, like all your other follow-alongs, thank you. They’re perfect during quarantine! 😊 What would be a good strength and conditioning workout for climbers? Just to be ready for the day when we can climb mountains again 😊

Author — akositsirol


Muchas gracias, lo incluiré a mi rutina antes de escalar, excelentes estiramientos. Si pudieras más adelante publicar algunos video para fortalecer los dedos de las manos.

Author — Adriana Carapia


I love your videos Tom! Huge fan ! I just found you and I’ve been doing a lot of your stretches ! Thanks for all your content. You’re so knowledgeable . Keep the videos coming .

Author — Natalie Suppa Yoga


Hey Tom, hopefully you find this comment. I was wondering, I've been following your quite old flexibility routine for years now (wow, time passes by so quick...). I now want to really start training specific flexibility, the middle splits and front splits. Do you recommend still doing a full 20min stretch, THEN doing your middle or front split? I don't want to overstretch, mainly in the legs and lower back when those routines already include good warmup without too much strain. Thanks, and love the content you've been pumping out. Finally you'll gain even more exposure due to these homebody quarantine workouts haha.

Author — Donovan Vu


Hi Tom, I love all of these at home routines. Could you do a core routine ?

Author — Caz Hall


Hey Tom, I’m a fellow tall guy (6ft 3) and I started calisthenics around 6 months ago and you have been the biggest inspiration to me, and as a climber myself I have to say this notification was a fun surprise to see in my inbox

Author — Joshua Grove


thank you so much for a great stretching routine!:)

Author — Luke Miller


Thank you for this, I have a desk job so my hips are RUINED from sitting in a chair all day, hoping some of this will help and I can get back to being a bendy climber again!!

Author — Tomski_19


I'm not a climber but this is perfect after using the hands a lot for office work 💯



Hey Tom, very nice Routine. Can you comment on when / how often this Routine is meant to be performed? Before climbing as a warmup? Daily? Or is it more a 2-3 times per week thing like the hamstring flexibility routine?

Author — Manuel Fleck


This is awesome. Thanks for putting this together Tom!!

Author — Daniel Deacon


Very nice routine for aerialists, too! I started aerial silks last fall and Tom's other videos have been really helpful in working on my splits, pull-ups and overall mobility. Huge thanks!

Author — Si-Tu