Pokimane: Criticism Not Welcome

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Pokimane: Criticism Not Welcome 5

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Poki loves me she just doesn't know it yet. Oh whoa I had no idea she was like this to other people for even un- following her.

Author — It'sAGundam


"ReAlLy wAnnA pUt mY loGO on thAt ooOoNeEeE" always makes my ears ring from how annoying and cringe it sounded.

Author — J Z 03


"noooo don't disrespect my queeeen, she's a super nice person because she said my name after I donated my monthly rent to her"

Author — - Rami -


its kinda annoying how she can earn money from reacting to other peoples content but she dont want people to earn like $50 or less using her content

Author — Azariah or Azzy


Do people not remember this infamous quote?

"You freaking fricks!, when will you learn?! when will you learn?! That your actions have consequences!!"

Edit:quote corrected

Author — Quix Studios


Ayyo, who else is here before Pokimane strikes this video down for "harrassment"

Author — Loogie Baloony


Idk about you guys but pokimane seems like a narcissist. She acts like she doesn't want the attention but the truth it she secretly wants it. Smh.

Author — 雪光


Pokimane talks like she's an angry 12 year old talking to herself because not enough people will listen to her.

Author — Emily the loli Nightray


Am I the only one that doesn’t find her attractive

Author — RevDemon


she has too many people praising her and not enough people criticizing her that's why she can't handle criticism

Author — KreamyMeme


I only find anime girls attractive, so these "gamer girls" have no effect on me.



Imagine having millions of followers and still starting a drama with someone just because that person unfollowed you on Twitter lmfao

Author — Duster PL


Thats the sad thing about all this is that, if u have less “clout” then pokimane, u have no say. Notice how pewdiepie called her out for like 1 second she immediately after a day or two released an apology video? Ppl like u and gundam cant do jack because pricks like her power trip. And this is especially the case with female streamers.

Author — Bong Lenis


There’s only two ways this could go:

1.) She admits fault, and tries to be better.

2.) She strikes down this video.

Author — Laxhoop 2525


She showed who she actually is when she mocked that kid who tried to apologize and went after that other guys appearance. She has to protect her brand but there is no doubt that she is full of herself. It's just amazing to me that this multi millionaire who does nothing but sit and watch videos on YouTube while eating is so concerned what smaller channels even think about her. She's not entertaining and someone else edits what little there is so she's doing nothing but sitting there. The fact that she has made this much money by doing so little shows how messed up the world is.

Author — Randomfools


If you search “Pokiemane” in the search bar there’s thicc compilations and other weird shit.

Author — Sacred Scrub


Pokimane is a bratty 5 year old who can't take criticism

Author — Just Some Guy Buying Time


The dislikes are the simps who gone broke after donating to her

Author — Icannotthinkofaname


I see that Turkey Tom decided to join the 'Taken Down By Pokimane' Any% Speedrun.
Good Luck

Author — TurnaboutHalifax


Pokimane is the most petty woman on twitch she abuses her power to manipulate her audience into mass flagging videos because she cant handle criticism

Author — buff_garfield