China’s Mega Projects: Energy

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China’s Mega Projects: Energy 4.5
Energy is driving the rapid development of China’s economy. Challenges have to be overcome to protect the environment. Check out this episode of the documentary series, China’s Mega Projects.

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Anyone notice how YouTube label all non western media channels as funded by the government but don't label western medias like BBC and others as funded by their governments even thought they are.

Author — sjo q


Keep uploading this serie. I love it. In fact, CGTN should dedicate a new channel for documentaries like this.

Author — 黄梓聪


I love these documentary style video. So well done and interesting. Watch every minute of it.

Author — Daily Data


Let engineers run your country, they do what they do best, build and build!

Author — DF100


Too much negative news, many done deliberately, of China from the West. CGTN is now putting out news of present day China in English for the world. A very wise move, should have done so, yesterday

Author — yu


they don’t waste money on unnecessary war

Author — fitofight


This series of videos(Chinese version) released 2 years ago in 2017. China is way ahead in 2019.

Author — Steven Hou


just realized, those are the english version of CCTV documentary series (in chinese). so whatever shows in those documentary series are at least 3 or even 4 years old.

Author — ip desperado


ds series is absolutely knowledge and informative

Author — dragon Lover


Thank you for sharing this kind of educational content, please keep doing it



Congratulations China,
lead the way.

Author — Bee be Cee


China, just do what you think is correct, ignore those western jealousy comments.

Author — Benson Heng


Well done china keep up the great work we welcome and love you as Africans and thank you for all you have done for us thank you a thousand fold!

Author — Star Tech


Looks like China is investing into many things at once.
Solar and wind power are winning over the coal power.
It's quite interesting why coal power is still a thing, while it's already clear that solar power is faster to build.

Author — epSos Premium


China heaven on earth, chinese are really lucky ❤️

Author — master blaster


God bless China and the Chinese people for helping to make the world a better place for all

Author — china dragon


As soon as I'm done with my Windturbine technician education here in Sweden, I'm moving to China.

Author — Ey the Mischief


China alone can to seek the target of hidrogen fusion, because is strong, clever and enough big for to make it !

Author — luca liberati


Beautiful and hard work...bravo are the best in the world! Thank you!

Author — Francoise Loffler


Keep on going China! You've traveled a long distance and reached great heights but sky's the limit.

Author — catonpillow