Petrodollar Alert: Russia and Saudi Arabia 'Sign $3 Billion Arms Deal' - Jerry Robinson

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Petrodollar Alert: Russia and Saudi Arabia 'Sign $3 Billion Arms Deal' - Jerry Robinson 4
In this brief audio clip, Christian economist Jerry Robinson shares his insights into the warming of ties between Saudi Arabia and Russia and explains what it could mean to the failing petrodollar system.

Read more about the petrodollar system here...

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Saudi Arabia’s King Salman for talks at the Kremlin on Thursday, cementing a relationship that is pivotal for world oil prices and could decide the outcome of the conflict in Syria.

King Salman, the first sitting Saudi monarch ever to visit Russia, led a delegation to Moscow that agreed joint investment deals worth several billion dollars, providing much-needed investment for a Russian economy battered by low oil prices and Western sanctions.

Saudi Arabia said it had signed a memorandum of understanding on the purchase from Russia of S-400 air defense systems. That marked a shift for the kingdom, which buys most of its military kit from the United States and Britain.


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it's gonna be a BIG problem for the u.s.... we've spent so many years destroying other countries, NOW.. it's all coming back to roost....gonna get

Автор — Terri


لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

Автор — ابراهيم الديلمي


War is not needed to destroy America just start using another currency for Oil, Gas and all other commodities and resources thats why Hussein and Gaddaffi had to go as they both threatened to use the Euro

Автор — Pete B


If Saudi Arabia drops the petrodollar others will follow, how will the US fund their wars then?

Автор — Michael Kiddle


Dollar is not backed by anything, Yuan backed by gold . May be that worries Saudis .

Автор — H Q


Saudi and Israel are our friends. The kind of friend that you don't need enemy

Автор — artbiz


Yes this is VERY VERY TRUE!! The petro dollar is the ONLY reason that Saudi has not been bombed by the USA yet!!
This shit is coming very soon!

Автор — Liber 8


Russia, China, India Iran Syria north Korea many more joining ..

Автор — ABHISHEK conqueror


Saudis know USA can not protect them, however Russia has the power thru Iran and Syria. They took notice game is over with petro-dollar.

Автор — Rafael Camilo


End of fiat narco-arms-clepto petrodollar world seigneuriage based on a mega Ponzi fraud scheme

Автор — Javier Barrientos


I'm glad you mentioned the corporate media. There are lots of evidence available for people to see that supports the fact that the fight sunni and shia muslims i.e Iran and Saudi Arabia are purposely created and fabricated by some entities in the region and some western governments.
The problem is that Saudis don't like to accept Iran as a regional power but I haven't heard any Iranian top diplomat undermining the Saudis. If anything Iran has always invited the Saudis and other neighbouring countries to engage in dialogues in order to find solutions for issues that can have negative outcome for everybody in the region.
At the same time, a peaceful middle east and a strong and united muslim world is definitely not what the U.S desires because they wouldn't be able to make so much money by selling and exporting arms into the region otherwise.

Автор — behdad ronasian


Qatar is just a reason to raise tension to boost the Oil price, but failed..

Автор — Randy Hartono


Money power... It's Saudi Arab oil power

Автор — Shantanukumar Maity


Saudi wants in on one belt one road mideast branch china project as Qatar-Iran gas pipeline is a go.

Автор — road trip


Muslim nation never really had the Sunni Shia problem until Iranian revolution, exactly when America invaded Iraq in 2003

Автор — ABo0oD M.N


Maybe the King knows something we don't. Like if the USA were to suffer an economic collapse then Saudies may have to get along with Russia, if they don't want to be taken over in the absence of US protection

Автор — Ozzy Osbourn


I found myself here for the exact reason that there is a bad story in the media about Saudi Arabia. They currently causing (with assistance of the US) a genocide in Yemen. I ask myself, why does one reporter matter so much, when Yemen is never reported?
It's apparent that something is up.

Автор — JethroTClampet


Is that maybe the reason why we have to go to Venezuela? To save the petro-dollar?

Автор — Bombardus


It is a question of reliability and diplomatic politeness.
The Saudies have enough backstabbers in the Middle East. They see the same with their false friends in the US and in the US poodles from the EU. So they turn to the one European politician they know they can trust.
A christian economist should have in mind that Putin is defending the christian minority in Syria from extinction by the hand of US proxies. Maybe this is all God's lecture for US "christians" adoring the Dollar as their true God.

Автор — exorientelux


The Saudis may follow the Venezuelan example to diversify into the Petroruble which is backed by Gold.

Автор — Colin Tan