Why You Should NEVER Trust Your FRIENDS! 😱😂 | Funny April Fools Pranks | AFV 2020

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Why You Should NEVER Trust Your FRIENDS! 😱😂 | Funny April Fools Pranks | AFV 2020 4.5

Nope! This video's no joke! We've got #pranks and #fails for your April Fools Day! Tickle your funnybone with these #funnyfails and try not to laugh LOL. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that will get you through the week with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?

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Me: ok. everybody is sleeping so try not to burst out laughing
Me again: bursts out laughing 🤣 and proceeds to wake up everyone
Everyone: not funny dude -_- 😑

Author — Afra Babayeva


3:44 I smell burning in the air 'cause someone's about to get fired 😂😂✌️

Author — Darlene Jane


5:55 is one of my all-time favorites. ❤🤣

Author — farmgirly507


3:47 if the prankster was a private, he's so done...

Author — Reza Ng


OMG 5:55 dude is prepared for combat at all times, I love it!

Author — S Young


5:39 Dumb Ways To Die: "Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place."

Author — BJ DJ


It's time to retire about half of these

Author — Cannonball Bear


At 6:27, "Why do you all think the same way?!" Hilarious!

Author — oh2button


08:30 - that trombone stunt is well used now

Author — keith barber


April 2nd is April fool's revenge day.

Author — Jeremy Stone


At like 3:03 who made that sound, was it the dude or the one scaring him?

Author — MystiC Death


Your mother calling you 😄😀😺👅👄❤💙💚💛 happy April fools day😇💟💞👍✊✌✋👋👉👈👇👆☝💵🎁🎉🎊🎇🎆🐓🐶⛲🔱

Author — Drey Facey


80% of the videos are already seen in the previous videos. Too bad

Author — Hugo 'Ptimiste


I laughed so hard watching these videos!

Author — Keith Hopkins


2:46 xD xD xD be carefull when you sleep e.e

Author — Julio Perone


everyone watch this funny part of a girl opening the can 5:15

Author — Ian Monsour



I was like, what’s he gonna do with that meat? OMG. I love it! 😹

Author — Maria Limon


If you've ever wondered what they do in office and hospital jobs apart from copulating all day and that's why they don't do their job well, here is the answer ...

Author — Mario Mario


"oh my gosh, there's a deer"

Author — a456987


6:21 "Did my kids come here too?" LOL. She was adorable!

Author — Debra Westbrook